Rampage: Total Destruction (GC) Cheats

Rampage: Total Destruction cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for GC.


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Comprehensive Passwords List
When in the main menu hold down L+R before putting in the password. If you hear the sound of a monster, you've done it correctly and the password has activated.
PasswordWhat it does
141421All Monsters unlocked.
986960Invincible to military attacks. bombers, infintry, tanks etc.
071767Buildings are destroyed in a single blow.
271828All cities available.
011235Gain all ability upgrades.
082864Go into Demo Mode with two randomly chosen Monsters.
874098Go into Instant Demo Mode with two randomly chosen Monsters.
667300Watch the opening theme.
667301Watch the ending theme.
667302Watch the credits.
314159Display Game Version.
000000Disables all active passwords.


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Comprehensive Unlockables List
Note the first three are special monsters you can get by completing Special Star Challenges.
UnlockableHow to unlock
EyegoreComplete all the Challenge Stars in all the cities.
BubbaUnlock all the monsters, including Eyegore and Philbert.
PhilbertComplete all the Par Point Stars in all the cities.
JoePlay as Natalie in New York.
RockyPlay as Cal in New York.
WallyPlay as Marco in New York.
JillPlay as Amanda in Hong Kong.
VenusPlay as Croc in Hong Kong.
CrocPlay as Rojo in Hong Kong.
NickPlay as Harry in Chicago.
HarryPlay as Marco in Chicago.
RojoPlay as Kyle in Chicago.
ShelbyPlay as Lizzie in San Francisco.
MarcoPlay as Ralph in San Francisco.
JackPlay as Harry in Las Vegas.
KingstonPlay as Lizzie in Las Vegas.
LeonPlay as any starting monster in Las Vegas.
NataliePlay as Marco in San Francisco.
KylePlay as Kingston in London.
BartPlay as Kingston in Los Angeles.
IckyPlay as Ralph in London.
EdwinPlay as Wally in London.
CalPlay as Kyle in Los Angeles.
AmandaPlay as Kyle in Los Angeles.