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The developers of RSC and RSC 2 knew that they had a good thing going for them. They didn't change any drastic, just made it better.

Graphics: Even mor ebeautiful and realistic than the first. Amazing car damage and the tracks have been spread liberally with polygons. Certainly as good as Project Gotham Racing 2.

Levels: 90 some tracks. That is a sickening amount of tracks, blowing away every single racer out there. Each level is extremely detailed and although the people on the sidelines don't look particularly real that doesn't diminish the look of the levels much.

Gameplay: The same gripping and amazing Racing type gameplay that you'd expect from RSC, but better. You progress through the game exactly like you did in the first, going through the race types and tracks using cars that you've unlocked.

Customizability: Although childs play to some games, RSC 2 offers more customizability than RSC and it makes that $50 all the more worth it.

Cars: Nearly 50 cars by my estimate, including the good 'ol GT40. A racing game IS NOT complete without this car. This also includes the Group B cars with so much horsepower, it'll blow you right out of your seat.

Multiplayer: Good old fashioned racing multiplayer is nearly the same as PGR2, but with different tracks and some different cars. Don't buy it just for the multiplayer, although it is XSN.

Overall: Buy it if you don't have PGR2 or if you wanted just a little more from RSC 1. Although a great game, RSC 2 just doesn't offer many new things that RSC 1 didn't already do.

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