Rainbow Six (DC) Cheats

Rainbow Six cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Rainbow Six Cheats

Change Game Modes
Use the following codes to toggle the appropriate game mode on and off.

Game ModeCode
Single Character God modeAnalog-stick Up + D-pad Down + A
Team God modeAnalog-stick Left + D-pad Down + A
Big head modeAnalog-stick Up + D-pad Down + X
Heavy Breathing modeAnalog-stick Down + D-pad Down + A
Mega head modeAnalog-stick Left + D-pad Down + X
Polska mode (change faces)Analog-stick Down + D-pad Down + X
Stumpy modeAnalog-stick Left + D-pad Down + Y
Team AI Mode (change your team's AI)Analog-stick Up + D-pad Down + Y
Thin modeAnalog-stick Down + D-pad Down + Y
Victory conditions toggle ***Analog-stick Up + D-pad Down + B
Instant Death mode (kill everything around you)Analog-stick Down + D-pad Down + B

Notes: *** If you run the risk of failing a mission because you triggered an alarm, or lose a hostage, you can use this cheat to toggle reset the conditions and continue the mission.

Infinite ammunition
There is a workaround bug that lets you have effectively unlimted ammo. If you reload your weapons when the old clip has one bullet left, the entire clip will refill, but you will NOT use any of your clips from your inventory.