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must admit when I first stumbled across this game oh about 2 years back I was very skeptical about online games. Especially MMORPGs. I thought they were bogus and were only for nerds and people without lives. Now I understand why most people make that association because Ragnarok Online will take whatever part of you is normal, suck it up, chew it up, spit it out, then repeat with vengeance. It is a very potent formula and if it gets its meat hooks in you, it won't let go. It is THAT addictive.

-Graphics- 10

The graphics are one of the game's defining qualities. It sets it apart from all other MMORPGs. It combines crisply detailed 2-d sprites with a lush full 3-d background. And that's just the basics. It uses some fantastic looking special effects too such as fog that builds up as you get to a higher elevation the the game. The best part about these graphics are that they can run at full capacity easily on a low budget computer. So worry not, you won't need any special high-end graphics card to run this baby smoothly.

-Story- 5

There really isn't a story to this game other than the one or two paragraph essay intro that's posted on the game's website. With all else considered, this doesn't even matter. Let's get into the good stuff!

-Gameplay- 10+

Here are the fangs of the beast. This gameplay, as repetitive as it may sound will most surely keep you captivated for hours on end. The basic premise is: you point to an enemy, click it and your character slashes it. You kill enough enemies and you level up your Job and Base level thus gaining Job and Base points. Job points let you select important battle/support skills from your skill tree and likewise Base points let you up the desired statistic such as vitality or agility. This is gonna be the meat and potatos of any RPG but let me go more in depth. The player most choose from several different jobs and each job requires you to follow a different path in the game in order to operate that job class at maximum efficieny. Basically if you're a thief then you're gonna want to increase agility more than other stats and you might want to level in areas that contain monsters that are slow. But if you're an acolyte (which is the equivalent of a medic, a magic based character) you'll want to increase intelligence more than the other stats and you might want to level in other places.

Now you can solo in this game for a good long while but you will eventually be forced to join a party/guild to survive. Gravity (the makers of the game) have strongly encouraged teamwork by doing things such as putting in incredibly hard monsters that can only be taken down by large amounts of players. This introduces a whole new aspect to the game.

Now one of the other aspects I'd like to go over is items. You see, you don't earn money when you kill something, you get "loot" which usually sells for jack-squat. So this makes earning money very very hard and it forces you to "hunt" for the good items and equipment, some of which can't even be bought in stores. Now this creates another aspect. The RO market. It pretty much functions just like a REAL market functions. And it is very complicated to explain.

OVERALL this gameplay stems off from something simple and cutesy to something incredibly in-depth and complex. The only way to fully understand it is to experience it for yourself.

-Sound- 8.0

Good at first, but after you've become a veteran and have been playing for a while you might find yourself putting headphones on and listening to some of your own tunes. The composers did manage to create some pretty memorable jingles though. I'd say it's a cross between Final Fantasy and Trigun.

-Lasting life- FOREVER

I have no idea why but I can't even quit. I have been playing this game since it was in beta and I still love it. Even if you delete it, try to quit and forget about it you will FOREVER feel the urge to play again! It is simply too addictive. I must WARN you that if you are reading this and haven't tried it DO NOT TRY IT unless you are plenty ok with wasting lots of time playing it! Trust me it is easier to never try it than to play and try to quit!

-Closing comments-

Some people say it came out of left field but I must tell you, it has been here the whole time. I've tracked it and played it since it was a little baby in beta and now that I see it grown up, gone commercial, and gathering more and more people every month I can only say this: You *******s! You blew it all up!

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