Ragnarok Online Tips

Easy Zeny, fastest speed!!!!!
The fastest way of making zenies would be DOKEBI and GRAND PECOS!!! Why?
They both drops Gold. These gold can be sold for 100,000 zenies each. If you have overcharge on merchants you could probably make more zenies. Worth it. Dokebis can be found on Payon Dungeon 5 while Grand pecos at Yuno fields, mostly on Yuno Field 8.

Vending Yggdrassil berries are quite something too.
Some people might like Yggdrassils for PvP as they restore full health and SP
Yggdrassils can be found from Baphomet Jr. in Hidden Dungeon 3. Berries ans ygg seeds are worthless on NPCs, but sell it by vending. People often like it at 600 to 900 k zeny
Yggdrassil seeds worths half of berries as they restore half hp sp.

SELL IT AT SPOTS COMMONLY AS SPAWN POINT OF WARPS. <<easily get="get" paid="paid"></easily>