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Ragnarok Online Tips

An easy way to get a perfect High Wizard
First, get thunder storm as soon as you can(get lvl 5 thunder bolt), then go to Ant Hell and use Thunder Storm on the eggs, and put every point on int,and spend your skill points on getting Frost Driver.When you are on lvl 30+ use frost driver on andres and pierres,etc, then when they're frozen use thunder bolt to kill then, once you get skill lvl 50, spend your points in wathever the hell you want and turn into a wizard.Once you're a wisard, go to ice dungeon 1 and kill those monster that looks like little balls of snow with thunder bolt until you're lvl 99/50, then be a novice again, and do again the process, then you're gonna have a perfect wizard for WoE and PvP.Enjoy:D