Ragnarok Online Tips

Fire Mage/Wiz Training
You don't really need much Dex until you're a mage, so just get about 30-40 int. Then, from whatever level you're at until about 45, follow these instructions:

Warp to Einbroch
Leave the town (South)
Go SouthEast
Go NorthEast
Go to the Little Island in the SouthEast corner of this map, but be careful. There are Floras everywhere, and hunt them with your Fire Bolt. Make sure to keep some distance, or else they will attack you. Otherwise, you're safe.

Once level 45~, go the entrance of Magma Dungeon. DO NOT ENTER. In that area, there are geographers. They are also weak against Fire, and the same warning applies: Keep Your Distance!
If you don't hit at least 1500 on the Geographers, then make sure to go back to Floras and get more int before continuing, because Geographers have a little more than 8000 health, but the experience is insane.