Ragnarok Online Tips

WalkThrough: Archer
Hi everyone who wants to get started as a Archer right away. This is a step by step walkthrough to becoming a Archer nothing more then a couple hints and tips.

Dedicated to EVERYONE! =D

First when you make you charecter add all the skills to his/her Agi. and DEX.. Train your charecter untill he/she has a basic skill lvl of 9.

*Hint* If you train by killing willo's right away you will have a advantedge.

Once your ready go to Payon Cave (Dungeon) But DO NOT ENTER. Head south, and when there is a curve heading East take that road then head North.
Once you see a building and you are at the top right corner on the map you are at the right place. Enter the hut there will be somone there behind
a desk. Talk to the person you'll recieve a quest to gather bark and wood for points.(At Geffen at the center of the left side of the map is a red dot
leading to a feild, trunks will be waiting to make you work for a couple peices of wood.) Once you have enof wood you'll recieve points if you have enof points you'll become a Archer.
You will also recieve a free Bow and 200 arrows or its 100 arrows...O'well lol.

~Tip~ Once you start getting job skills and Owl eye, Volture Eye, Double Strafe, you can drag some special attacks to a bar with little cubicles. To get this bar with cubicles press F12.

F1 F2
Exe.|DoubleStrafe| |Other| -------------------> F9

By pressing F1 im then able to click on a monster and my charecter will use Double Strafe on it.

Have Fun and Cya! XD ~Dark