Ragnarok Online Tips

WalkThrough Mage/Wizard
Hi everyone out there wanting to be come a Mage/Wizard as soon as you can! I created this post for you to get started RIGHT away!

When you creat a charecter make sure to get full intelligence and some Dex. Train untill your basic skills lvl is 9.

Once you are ready to recieve your task to become a Mage/Wizard see the green hair lady(WarpMaster) in Prontera a little south of the fountine. Go to Geffen. The go to the North-West building. In the back of the room is Mage/Wizard Guild Master. Speak to her, recieve your task of Solution 1, 2, 3, or Solution 4.

~Items Needed for Solution 1:
Jellopy 2, fluff 3, milk 1, payon solution,
(code number:8472, Yellow Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 2:
Jellopy 3, fluff 1, milk 1, Solution not needed,
(code number:3735, Red Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 3:
Jellopy 6, fluff 1, no milk, payon solution,
(code number:2750, Blue Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 4:
Jellopy 2, fluff 3, no milk, morroc solution,
(code number:5429, 1c Daimond provided)

Make sure to buy a empty test tube if u need a Morroc or Payon solution.(wizard by Mage/wizard guild master)

~*Morroc Solution*~ Go to morroc, go to the North-West corner and go through warp. Head torawds the center of the map. Look for NPC named "Pocahontus" get the solution there.

~*Payon Solution*~ Go to payon cave dungeon (short cut) 'DO NOT ENTER CAVE' go to center of map, south of the lake. There is the milk merchent and a NPC there you get the Payon Solution.

Once you have all your items needed go back to the Mage/Wizard Guild master but you dont need to talk to her yet...just use the Mixing Machine at the center of the room. Put each item as needed for your solution (Solution 1,2,3,or4) then type the code and add the gemstone and click "Mix" Return to the guild master,
talk to her...YOUR A MAGE/WIZARD!

Now that your a mage/wizard start your training, geffen is a good start. But don't forget to buy a wand at the South-West building in Geffen.

~Tip~ By pressing F12 a screen will pop up with a couple cubicles. Once you have some spells you can drag the spell into one of the cubicles.
F1 F2
Exe.|FireWall| |SoulStrike| --------------- F9

By pressing F1 I can quickly select a monster to attack.

*Hint* For the spell firewall that repals/damages monsters is to have atleast 1 lvl Sight and 5 lvl FireBall.

Have Fun! ~Dark