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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
striking12to get many money


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An easy way to get a perfect High Wizard
First, get thunder storm as soon as you can(get lvl 5 thunder bolt), then go to Ant Hell and use Thunder Storm on the eggs, and put every point on int,and spend your skill points on getting Frost Driver.When you are on lvl 30+ use frost driver on andres and pierres,etc, then when they're frozen use thunder bolt to kill then, once you get skill lvl 50, spend your points in wathever the hell you want and turn into a wizard.Once you're a wisard, go to ice dungeon 1 and kill those monster that looks like little balls of snow with thunder bolt until you're lvl 99/50, then be a novice again, and do again the process, then you're gonna have a perfect wizard for WoE and PvP.Enjoy:D
There are two types of assasins. Dual daghger assasins and katar assasin.
Dual daggers should only raise their STR, AGI and DEX. I'd say to start with stats 9 str, agi and dex. And this my suggestion to the stats point build:
10 STR
10 DEX
25 AGI
20 STR
35 AGI
20 DEX
45 AGI
30 STR
55 AGI
30 DEX
40 STR
10 VIT
70 AGI
60 STR
80 AGI
99 STR
Rest in AGI

Obviously, the dual daggers don't need skills such as katar mastery and sonic blow because those skills can only be used by katars, SO... i'd say to skip those.

Now katar assasins are a bit different. Their main objective is to hit the creatures with as many critical hits(Those hits where the number of damage is in a red spiky speech bubble and fonted in yellow writing). So, that's why katar assasins need a lot of luck as the critical rate depends on the amount of luck you have. Cards such as soldie skeleton and wanderman cards raise your criticals too but getting them will be EXTREMELY hard as they are VERY pricey and wandermans are quite tough.
The skill point build i recommend for a katar assasin is:
10 STR
10 DEX
25 AGI
20 STR
35 AGI
20 DEX
45 AGI
30 STR
55 AGI
30 LUK
40 STR
10 VIT
70 AGI
60 STR
80 AGI
99 STR
Rest in AGI/LUK
Oh yea and start with the stats 9agi, str and dex just like the duals.
Become the perfect wizard
This is the latest tip if you want to become the perfect wizard....

Lvl.1 Novice 1st stats : 1st
1STR 9AGI(for defence) 1VIT 9INT 9DEX
Lvl.2~12or13~1st job mage(just keep raising your int)

13~45 Your int must be 70+? and above do not put any stats points even dex (you can raise your dex if you are level 46 and above )

46~53/54~2nd job you can now raise your dex (it must be 30/29+?)

Skills Required:

Lvl.8 FIRE BOLT (you need this skill for the hodes and also for the wizard test water room if you use stone curse on the obeaune it will get earth prop. then you can use the fire bolt. )
Lvl.8 LIGHTENING BOLT(you need this for the wizard test in the water and fire prop.room if you frost diver the aggressive monsters )
Lvl.5 COLD BOLT (you also need this in the wizard test in the fire room )
Lvl.9 FROST DIVER (You need this skill in the fire room of the wizard test you can frost the aggressive monsters and cast lightening bolt)
Lvl.9 STONE CURSE ( This is the most helpful skill when you wanted to be a wizard because you can cast it everytime you want on a monster except undead and boss monsters you only need is a red gemstone)
Do not put soulstrike yet it will not help you only need elemental skills (you can put soul strike when you are a wizard)

25~35 ANT HELL
I reccomend you go for the stones first then the Axes Try to get your hands on some emperium equipment and your off.If your good and u should be headed on the right track here's some equip i reccomend(Double Handed Axe)is what u should get
Earning Money (Zennies)
To be quite honest there is no certain cheat to gain loads amount of cash in the game in such short period of time. To be rich you got to work for it!

This are 3 ways which most people do to get rich:
Hunting, Vending and MVPing (Scamming is illegal)

It is the most basic way to get money. Staying in a map which drops rares is one of the best way to earn money. Though the percentage drop of a rare item/card is very low, you got to spend hours killing the same monster and at the same time trying not to get yourself killed. So try not to hunt in difficult areas, go for more non-aggresive and less damaging monsters.

For example: Thara Frog
They are easy to kill and have loads of them in one map but the only rare they have is their card. As their card is worth about $2-3million zennies!

*Note* MOST card drop percentage is 0.01%
It also varies on the server you are playing on.

If you abuse the skills which a the 'Merchant class' has and have good common-sense...this method is no trick.
Merchant has two money making skills:
'Discount' and 'Overcharge' skill

Discount skill- reduces the price of items/equips sold by NPCs. Which means you can buy the item for alot cheaper than the usual price!

Overcharge skill- Sells stuff to NPC for more than its current value.

The method is:
Sell all your loot by your merchant!! With the overcharge skill maxed you will be earning 5-7k more than usual!


Buying the pot/items from NPC and selling it at a price where your comsumer(other players) will benefit and you gain as well.
Normal Red Pot cost 50z
You buy: 37z (With Discount)
Sell to others: 45z

You gain: 8z Per pot you sell!
It may not look much but once you sell it at a large scale or sell more value items, you will see the benefit from it.

The hardest method of all. MVP are Monster bosses and they drop lots of rares which you can gain from through vending(selling to other players). The reason this method is hard is that, you will need a very strong character to take down a MVP. Soloing the MVP is a very difficuly task so going with a group of friends or guildmates is recommended. Also the drop rate percentange of rare items are low, so dont hope for it to drop once you kill it.
Easy Cash For Beginners
While still in the training grounds, take nothing for granted. Anything you find, be it jallopies, garnets, fluff, clovers, or feathers or anything else you may find, keep it, it'll all pay off later. You'd be surprised how much cash you can get just by saving up those little things that aren't worth much, but you have an abundance of.(i.e.; When I first started, I saved up all those things and I got about 5k for selling it all, and let's face it, thats a lot for a n00b just out of the training grounds.
Easy kill 4 monster......
type /noshift or /ns.... 4 acolytes only and pris cn hil dead
Easy Leveling to the First Job Class
For this, you need to know someone who is a level 20-99 swordsman with plenty of money. The swordsman should have provoke and you must have the join party skill from basic skill.

Let the swordsman cast provoke on a strong enough monster for you to kill (e.g. Pecopeco, Poporing, Smokie etc.) Have him sit and wait 'til you kill the monster; you can get like 20+% per kill or more.

The money is needed to allow you to buy the necessary equipment for you to kill the monsters with.
Easy Way To Get Your Swordman To a Crusader/Knight In 3 Days!!
This is the best way to get the best swordman.

First get your basic skills up to lvl9 then go to Izlude and change your job at the swordman hall.

Once your a swordman go and buy your self a basic sword they cost around 100z-600z its really cheap but it doesnt have good attack power but you will make up for it.
Then go kill some porings untill you have enough money to buy 150 red potions, the reason why you have to get red potions is go down of pront, then east and you will come to poporing land. Kill the potions but be carefull you dont die keep using your red potions untill your lvl 25.
Once your lvl 25 go to the Ant Hill and do some quick killing which is really easy there and stay there till your lvl 32.
Now your lvl 32, now go and kill pecopeco's untill your lvl 37 and then go to payon(get a warp from kafra). Go East twice and you'll encounter smokies kill the smokies and use bash if to kill it quickly stay here till your lvl 40.
Now your lvl 40 ask a priest/aco for a Alde-Baren Warp or go to kafra.
Once your in Alde-Baren Go to the Toy Factory kill the Cookies and Xmas-cookies till your lvl 51. Now This is the most easiest part Leave Alde-Baren and go to Orc's Dungeon and kill all the orc zombies and skeletons and you will become lvl 54 and job lvl 40 if your going to job lvl 50 stay in the orc Dungeuon till your lvl 59 then go Back To the Toy Factory and go in the 2nd lvl and kill the cruisers and mystcases this will get your up to lvl 63,job lvl 50 in 3 hours.

keep raising your Str and your dex till max

This is important and this is in order so dont mess it up!!
Lvl 10 Increase HP Recovery
Lvl 10 One Hand Mastery
Lvl 10 Provoke
Lvl 5 endure
Lvl 5 Magneum Break

Good Luck!!!!
Easy Zeny, fastest speed!!!!!
The fastest way of making zenies would be DOKEBI and GRAND PECOS!!! Why?
They both drops Gold. These gold can be sold for 100,000 zenies each. If you have overcharge on merchants you could probably make more zenies. Worth it. Dokebis can be found on Payon Dungeon 5 while Grand pecos at Yuno fields, mostly on Yuno Field 8.

Vending Yggdrassil berries are quite something too.
Some people might like Yggdrassils for PvP as they restore full health and SP
Yggdrassils can be found from Baphomet Jr. in Hidden Dungeon 3. Berries ans ygg seeds are worthless on NPCs, but sell it by vending. People often like it at 600 to 900 k zeny
Yggdrassil seeds worths half of berries as they restore half hp sp.

SELL IT AT SPOTS COMMONLY AS SPAWN POINT OF WARPS. <<easily get="get" paid="paid"></easily>
Fast Caster Wizards
If you want to be a fast caster wizard, first you must raise you INT 70 then put the remaining stats in DEX or you can raise both when you lvl up.
Fire Mage/Wiz Training
You don't really need much Dex until you're a mage, so just get about 30-40 int. Then, from whatever level you're at until about 45, follow these instructions:

Warp to Einbroch
Leave the town (South)
Go SouthEast
Go NorthEast
Go to the Little Island in the SouthEast corner of this map, but be careful. There are Floras everywhere, and hunt them with your Fire Bolt. Make sure to keep some distance, or else they will attack you. Otherwise, you're safe.

Once level 45~, go the entrance of Magma Dungeon. DO NOT ENTER. In that area, there are geographers. They are also weak against Fire, and the same warning applies: Keep Your Distance!
If you don't hit at least 1500 on the Geographers, then make sure to go back to Floras and get more int before continuing, because Geographers have a little more than 8000 health, but the experience is insane.
Increasing the Effectiveness of Brandish Spear
If you use brandish spear, make sure all the enemies are CLOSE TO EACH OTHER. That way they'll get the MAXIMUM damage of the brandish spear skill.
Leave Basic Training with Baselvl9 nd Joblvl7
1. First you talk to the first chick you meet when starting the game 2 times.. she'll level your base by one.

2. After talking to the guy that asks you if you want to learn the basics (you say yes of course) talk to the guy in on the left first. Just click thru his lesson and you should leave a couple of job and base levels higher.

3. Talk to the guy in the middle (make sure you take all the lessons in this room) click thru his lesson to be a couple of job and base levels higher.

4. Now here is where everyone messes up.... Talk to the chick the give the lesson on items... and go slowly and read carefully.. she will first give u a potion and take some of your health, when she says to drink it DO IT, if you mess up she will say that you can drink it later and you will not get the base level up. Then she will give u some equipment and ask you to put the slippers on.. just put it all on and youll get the base level up.. after that you can click tru thr rest and you will be around base level 6 job level 6.

5. WAIT YOUR NOT DONE IN THIS ROOM... another thing most people dont do is talk to the kafra employee. Talk to her and ask for information. Then go down the list quickly viewing the info (its nothing new) and she will level you up 1 level in both base and job.

6. You can be lasy and walk or you can have the kafra employee warp you to the next room... just walk to the left there is nothing in the room to the right...and before you go to the hunting grounds talk to the only man in the room. Just click thru his dialoge and go to info. You are now baselvl8 joblvl7. This is where i stop and go get my job in the last room, or train a little. But to get base level9 you must be willing to die ( I dont like dieing since supposedly Super Novices get a special item if they dont die as regular novices) allow yourself to be killed and the receptionist that sent you out in the first place will lvl you up and give you 50 extra potions.

Well thats pretty much it.. if you go to the last room and take the job they want you to have they give you the best lvl1 weapon you can have instead of and Adventure Suit depending on their class selection. You dont have to take that job (DUH) but the weapon is the best youll have for a while plus they give you some extra items as well.Oh and if you get to Al De Baran and still have some teleportation tickets (you only get these after you accept the job they assign you in the room.. remember you get them in the room,you dont have to stick with the job, just go with what they say to get the free stuff) you can trade them in for cold hard cash in the back room of the main kafra headquarters.
Mage Leveling
Fire Mages

If you really want to level up as a fire mage, get LV 10 fire bolt and lv 10 fire wall (plus all the other skills need to get these, lv5 fireball and lv1 sight), then find an aggressive or cast sensing monster that you can kill.

Next, go to a map that has alot of that monster. However, be certin that there are not other more powerful and agressive monsters on that map. When you find an enemy cast a firewall between you both, then cast a firebolt right away. The monster will charge towards you but will be stopped by the wall you put up earlier. If the bolt doesn't kill it then cast another firewall and repeat.

Ice/Lightening Mages

Get LV 10 frost driver and LV 10 lightning bolt. Frost drive enemies until they are frozen (retreat when an enemy is too close) then hit them with a lv10 lightning bolt. This works great because the enemy takes extra damage because it is frozen (frozen monsters are changed to water properity). Once again if the monster does not die rinse wash and repeat.

Soul Strike also goes good with all mage types because of how fast it casts. So get it if you have extra room in your build.

Lastly, if you are serious about your mage and want to be a good wizard then you better go to job lv 50 before you become a wizard. The extra 10 skills really come in handy.
Mage/Wizard leveling up
If you decide to be a mage or a wizard, master the Fireball spell enough. Once you think you are a little strong, head towards Ant Hell and use it against them for some fast experience.
Market tip for novice archers
Dear novice archers, if you are planning on training on the undead in payon cave, you're gonna need elemental arrows. For this area, I recommend fire arrows. Now to get these, (btw, don't look in any ordinary stores because you won't find them you should check outside the cave. There will almost always be someone selling fire arrows. Don't buy these if they are more than 5 zeny each.
Merchant Stats
Merchants are all about the money. That's why you'll need to kill monsters and get those rare items in your hands. I recommend starting with these stats:

STR: 9, AGI: 9 and VIT: 9.

DO NOT raise your luk as this will have no effect. Your AGI can stay as it is, 9. Concentrate on raising your STR and VIT. I suggest raising your STR to about 20 and your VIT to 20 initially, then start raising your DEX for more accuracy.

When you fight as a novice, you'll start in the map Alberta. If you go up and left of the map, there'll be a waypoint to a forest. Start with Porings and Fabres first. Lunatics will be okay also, but watch out for your health.

Merchants should never use swords or anything like that because later skills can be only used by axes. I suggest you start with the normal axe as it is quite strong and cheap as well (500 zeny). When you become a merchant, (job lvl. 10), you can learn discount by raising your 'increase weight limit' to lvl 3. Then, when you raise your discount lvl to 3, you'll get to learn overcharge which increases the cost of the items you want to sell (the higher the skill, the higher you can charge the NPCs, which is the same as discount.)
You know abt Turtle Island right? Prepare lots of fly wings and place them into one of ur F1~F9 space. GO to turtle island FIRST floor. DO not try to go further down, or the turtles will definetly make you lie down and watch the starz. Stay at the first floor and pick all those stuuf the bot leaves. There are TREMENDOUS amount of bots there, and you can get lots of money selling those stuff you picked. USe fly wing if a pest had his eye on you.
MVP arena (for lvl 80+ 2nd job only)
Mvp arenas have lvl 1,2,3, you need lots of money and lots of parties or friends to come with you(those who are pros). Anyways, you can find Mvp arena at the middle of Prontera City.
The money are for summoning Mvp Monsters, summon those who you think you can defete. if u defete those you can get lots of rare items. if you were just went there and theres no one there to help you out, i would suggest you cant defete them by your self, and just leave the arena. by leaving the arena( you cant because first, you cant use butterfly wing, second, theres no way out. The only choice i've done is reconnect, and u'll sent back to prontera city.


Killing monster.
Super Novice Vigor Explosion - Philippine Ragnarok Online
In Philippine Ragnarok Online, Super Novice can summon 3 guardian angels to acquire some added buffs; Vigor Exlosion, Steel Body, Resurrection. Most commands that you'll see on boards/forums would not work for Philipine Ragnarok Online. I only know for now the correct command for Vigor Explosion. Here's how to make it work:

Vigor Explosion
(Super Novice - Philippine Ragnorok Online)
Your Super Novice's BaseLv Exp must be divisible by 10 - [i.e: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90]

Heres what you must type:
Dear angel, can you hear me?
[Type anything for your next line... i.e: Yeah Right!!!]
Help me out~ Please~ T_T
[Type anything for your next line... i.e: KABOOM!!!]

Here what will happen:
1st try - will not work...
2nd try - will not work...
3rd try - will not work...
4th try - Super Novice will do Vigor Explosion...

Vigor Explosion will give +50 on your character's stats critical. (",)
The Best PVP Monk/Champ you can get
The best champion/monk stats build u can get.... make your str as high as 85 or more and dex at least to 90..make your int 30 and if theres any balance put it in dex to make it 95......if your int is 30 and dex is 95, put all the rest to str..
Different way to Attack Non-Stop: Hold CTRL and click, you will be attacking non stop.

Easy Places for Novices to level with Tanks: 2 Main spots to tank a novice, in Payon 1, and Poring Land. Get an Aco for Payon 1 and a Swordy/Theif to tank in Poring Land. To get to Poring Land, go 2 South from Pront and 1 East. To get to Payon Dun, warp to payon, go to Archer Village and in Archer Village it's the top left warp.
WalkThrough Mage/Wizard
Hi everyone out there wanting to be come a Mage/Wizard as soon as you can! I created this post for you to get started RIGHT away!

When you creat a charecter make sure to get full intelligence and some Dex. Train untill your basic skills lvl is 9.

Once you are ready to recieve your task to become a Mage/Wizard see the green hair lady(WarpMaster) in Prontera a little south of the fountine. Go to Geffen. The go to the North-West building. In the back of the room is Mage/Wizard Guild Master. Speak to her, recieve your task of Solution 1, 2, 3, or Solution 4.

~Items Needed for Solution 1:
Jellopy 2, fluff 3, milk 1, payon solution,
(code number:8472, Yellow Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 2:
Jellopy 3, fluff 1, milk 1, Solution not needed,
(code number:3735, Red Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 3:
Jellopy 6, fluff 1, no milk, payon solution,
(code number:2750, Blue Gemstone provided)

~Items Needed for Solution 4:
Jellopy 2, fluff 3, no milk, morroc solution,
(code number:5429, 1c Daimond provided)

Make sure to buy a empty test tube if u need a Morroc or Payon solution.(wizard by Mage/wizard guild master)

~*Morroc Solution*~ Go to morroc, go to the North-West corner and go through warp. Head torawds the center of the map. Look for NPC named "Pocahontus" get the solution there.

~*Payon Solution*~ Go to payon cave dungeon (short cut) 'DO NOT ENTER CAVE' go to center of map, south of the lake. There is the milk merchent and a NPC there you get the Payon Solution.

Once you have all your items needed go back to the Mage/Wizard Guild master but you dont need to talk to her yet...just use the Mixing Machine at the center of the room. Put each item as needed for your solution (Solution 1,2,3,or4) then type the code and add the gemstone and click "Mix" Return to the guild master,
talk to her...YOUR A MAGE/WIZARD!

Now that your a mage/wizard start your training, geffen is a good start. But don't forget to buy a wand at the South-West building in Geffen.

~Tip~ By pressing F12 a screen will pop up with a couple cubicles. Once you have some spells you can drag the spell into one of the cubicles.
F1 F2
Exe.|FireWall| |SoulStrike| --------------- F9

By pressing F1 I can quickly select a monster to attack.

*Hint* For the spell firewall that repals/damages monsters is to have atleast 1 lvl Sight and 5 lvl FireBall.

Have Fun! ~Dark
WalkThrough: Archer
Hi everyone who wants to get started as a Archer right away. This is a step by step walkthrough to becoming a Archer nothing more then a couple hints and tips.

Dedicated to EVERYONE! =D

First when you make you charecter add all the skills to his/her Agi. and DEX.. Train your charecter untill he/she has a basic skill lvl of 9.

*Hint* If you train by killing willo's right away you will have a advantedge.

Once your ready go to Payon Cave (Dungeon) But DO NOT ENTER. Head south, and when there is a curve heading East take that road then head North.
Once you see a building and you are at the top right corner on the map you are at the right place. Enter the hut there will be somone there behind
a desk. Talk to the person you'll recieve a quest to gather bark and wood for points.(At Geffen at the center of the left side of the map is a red dot
leading to a feild, trunks will be waiting to make you work for a couple peices of wood.) Once you have enof wood you'll recieve points if you have enof points you'll become a Archer.
You will also recieve a free Bow and 200 arrows or its 100 arrows...O'well lol.

~Tip~ Once you start getting job skills and Owl eye, Volture Eye, Double Strafe, you can drag some special attacks to a bar with little cubicles. To get this bar with cubicles press F12.

F1 F2
Exe.|DoubleStrafe| |Other| -------------------> F9

By pressing F1 im then able to click on a monster and my charecter will use Double Strafe on it.

Have Fun and Cya! XD ~Dark


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Everything will be opposite with the "Heal" skill. When you use it, it will be activated on enemies and not yourself. To heal yourself, hold Shift. Note: Only works on "Undead" enemies
Continuous attack
type /noctrl in the whispering box and then your character attacks continuously until the creature dies. (note: not applicable to magic spells)
You can "Heal" the enemies or damage them if they are the "Undead" element. Let go to heal yourself. Note: Only works on "Undead" enemies.
how to lv mage/archer
for a mage you need lv 10 cold bolt and at least 50 int okay first buy about 30 fly wings (so if other monsters come you can warp) second start at payon and take 2 maps east and 1 map south to greatest generals keep casting cold bolt and eventually you'll get lots of exp

(everything the same as mage except)
first your need 50 dex then try to get a crossbow or something higher bow-composite or great bow will not be useful get about 1500-3000 arrows and go kill great generals
Payon and Morroc Solution for Mage Test
If you decided to become a mage, you will have to get one out of two solutions (Payon/Morroc Solution) for the potion you have to mix if you want to get approved. Instead of walking to Payon or Morroc, which are REALLY far away from Geffen (the city where you become a mage), talk to a Merchant or a Swordman in the Mage School. They usually sell Payon and Morroc Solutions at a low price of 300 zenny. Good luck!
Z's REALLY FAST!!! (game money)
Make A char and go through training.(make sure to get all items and get to at least lv 7 Job.
Take All equips, Items , Etc. and put it into
Karfa storage.
Go To Primary(most commonly Used) Char
Collect Items from storage.
Delete Char.

I made hundreds of k doing this!