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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 G.C. Thunder FAQ

by falsehead   Updated to v1.0 on
******************** READY TO RUMBLE BOXING ROUND 2 *********************


                        (Version 1.0) 11/01/2003

                Dreamcast Fighting Game: released UK 2000

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at

Copyright stuff; If you wish to use this FAQ on your website, feel free to do
so under the following conditions. a) You email me first and let me know where
it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the content in anyway (if you need
to change the formatting slightly for display purposes that's OK).

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************




**************************** 1) INTRODUCTION ****************************

INTRODUCTION - Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 Boxing is an awesomely funny fighting
game made by Midway. It's one that I come back to in multiplayer again and
again.  Over the year or so I have been playing I have developed a fondness for
several of the fighters and have decided to write some character FAQs for each
of them.

The FAQ contains all the basic moves, special moves and combos for each
character. Plus fighting strategies, profile and the funny speech and costumes
the featured character possesses.

This FAQ covers the Prince look-a-like, 80's retro soul boy - G.C Thunder.

************************ 2) MOVES AND STRATEGY **************************
G.C Thunder is the third character to be unlocked in Arcade Mode.  Simply
complete Arcade Mode three times to access him.


Moving around - d-pad or analogue stick
Low Block - Right Trigger
High Block - Left Trigger
Jab - X button
Straight - Y button
Low Left Punch - A button
Low Right Punch - B button
Body Blow - forward + B
Low Hook - forward + A
High Hook - forward + Y
Sway left/right/back - up/down/back + L trigger
Jump back - down + R trigger
Parry - Double tap L or R trigger at the second the blow hits you.
Activate Rumble Mode - L and R trigger together
Activate Rumble Flurry - while in Rumble Mode, press X + Y together.

forwards, backwards + Y
forwards, A + B
Backwards, forwards + X

X, X, Y, B
forward + A + B, X, Y
X, A, B, B

Y + A - Jogs on spot and says "Hi-dee, hi-dee,Hi!"
This will fill up to three letters on the Rumble Meter if the taunt is not

Y + B - Does the splits.
This will fill up one letter on the Rumble Meter if the taunt is not

X + A - Throws some shapes.
This will fill up to three letters on the Rumble Meter if the taunt is not

X + B - Does a little dance and wails "Save me!!"
This will fill up to two letters on the Rumble Meter if the taunt is not


The health meter is the red bar at the top of the screen.  As you take hits,
this bar is depleted.  The harder the punch you take, the more health you use. 
When the Health bar is fully depleted you will be knocked to the canvas and the
count will start.  Rapidly spin the analogue stick clockwise or bash any two
buttons repeatedly to restore health.  You will also have your health bar
topped up a little between rounds.


That is the blue bar under the health bar.  Each time you throw a punch the
power bar drops.  The quicker and lighter the punch, the sooner you recover
full power.  Some power punches and all combos need a full power bar to pull
them off.  If your blue bar is not at full, your combos will fail.


Certain Boxers seem to have less stamina than others; they do great in the
first round but go downhill very quickly by the third.  Others can maintain
more of a pace through out, but don't have the same range of power moves or
fast combo's.  In general fighters who are tipped more towards great speed or
strength like Seline Strike or Mama Tua at either extreme will become far less
formidable opponents after a couple of rounds than a good all-rounder like
Johnny Blood or Afro Thunder.


G.C Thunder is what I would categorise as a medium/low strength, medium/fast
speed boxer. He is most similar to Afro Thunder (his rival) in style.  He has a
slight edge in speed over Afro, but is slightly less powerful. His stamina is
pretty good and he can last a couple rounds before his Power Bar starts to give
up and when it does it usually does quickly. So you should take advantage of
his speed and try and finish the match as quickly as you can.

Forget his combo's. They are difficult to pull off and not worth the effort to
do so.  However do practice his power moves.  All though they are not mighty
hits they come out nice and fast.  S they don't have big pauses or build-up
time before them they can easily be linked into an assault of small fast jabs
and straights.

Also G.C. Thunder has some pretty good taunts.  His Y + B taunt is a good one. 
Although it only fills one letter, because he drops to the ground often an
opponent will whiff an attack over his head, allowing G.C. to get them on the
recovery. His X + A taunt can be effective to as he sways from side to side and
this can also cause missed shots for an opponent who is close up.  Basically
use your best judgement.  The "Save Me!" taunt is the funniest, but it does
present G.C's face for an easy thumping.  Save that taunt for when you have
knocked an opponet out, but they haven't hit the deck yet!

G.C. Thunder's strength is definitely his upper body jabs.  If you can pin a
bigger and slower opponent in the corner or against the ropes you can keep them
there with just your fast basic jab.  In general, G.C. Thunder should be played
in-close and very offensively.  Keep up a constant barrage of fast upper body
pokes, throwing in the occasional lower body blow when an opponent blocks high.
 Due to his normal stance, G.C. Thunder does not block as quickly or deflect
blows as well as some other boxers.  His normal stance sees his hands kept low
and away from his face, giving him further to move when a block is needed.  So
better to keep up the pressure rather than be forced on the defensive.

When he is matched against a fast opponent like Jet Chin or Seline Strike try
and match them blow for blow and wear them down.  You may want to back off a
bit and use his jump in attacks like his body blow.  But I recommend using his
Rumbles attacks against faster opponents.  His basic Rumble can be built up
quickly, comes out very fast and can be activated from a slight distance as it
begins with a jump.  It is much more effective than most fast characters
Rumbles and has quite a bit of power.

Against a slower, more powerful opponent like Butcher Brown stay in close and
avoid those huge haymakers.  They can devastate his life bar and if he takes to
much of a hard punching in the first round, his stamina will take a drop as
well.  Simply stay inside a tough opponents reach and keep up the fast jabs and
straights, you'll force them on the defensive and they won't have time to power
up their really devastating attacks.

Afro Thunder is probably G.C. Thunders hardest opponent simply as they are so
evenly matched.  G.C. has the edge in speed, just.  Use this to your advantage
and try and force Afro on the ropes as soon as you can.  Don't let him taunt
you or build up his rumble as he can seriously damage you with it.


Ready 2 Rumble is all about having fun and not taking things too seriously. 
With that in mind if you are going to win, try wining in as amusing a way as
possible.  Taunt lots, and make sure YOU say the taunt as well.  Bellowing
"Save Me!!!" at your mate in a high pitched voice will cause much hilarity if
our multiplayer sessions are anything to go by.  G.C. Thunder looks like the
pop star Prince doesn't he?  Well why not sing a few Prince songs while
pummelling your opponent.  I recommend "Purple Rain" sung slowly and loudly as
you floor the opponent.  If you win perhaps you can "party like it's 1999" and
always declare yourself a "Sexy MF".

******************** 3) PROFILE, TAUNTS and OUTFITS *********************
(Profile taken from UK version manual)

PROFILE: G.C. Thunder
Hometown - Miami, Florida
Height - 174 cm
Weight - 54 kg
Reach - 178 cm
Age - 20
Arch Rival - Afro Thunder

"G.C. Thunder may be a tad diminutive, but he's no lightweight when it comes to
boxing or flamboyant fashion.  Cousin and long-time rival of Afro Thunder, G.C.
has a fair amount of critics who claim he is more a performer in the ring than
a boxer.  That hasn't dissuaded him from using his boxing success as a vehicle
for opening a chain of hair facilities or from making the claim that he'll be
the next world champion."

OPENING TAUNTS (before the fight begins).

"I'm faster than the speed of light and punch harder than a ton of bricks!"

"The G.C. Thunder says 'you better leave while you still can!'"

"Howdy How!! G.C. is gonna rock your world!"

If Afro Thunder is his opponent then he will always say the following:

"Afro Thunder Baby!  G.C. is gonna rock your world, yeah!"

(Also if he and Afro are matched up the picture on the ring will be different
from normal - this goes for any Rivals match - up)

CLOSING TAUNTS (when G.C. is victorious)

"Someone better send a Plastic Surgeon!"

"If boxing is wrong, I don't wanna be right!"


Outfit 1 - Red Gloves.  Red shorts, with Leopard stripe. White lace collar
Outfit 2 - Purple Gloves.  Green shorts, with Leopard stripe. White lace collar
Holiday Outfit - when the date is July 4th you'll get a natty Uncle Sam Costume
for G.C Thunder.

Press X to cycle though his costumes.

(To get the holiday outfit, simply access your Dreamcast's Time/Date option on
the screen you get when you switch the machine on with no disc in.  Alter the
date to July 4th (USA Independence Day) and now you can see the new costume).


Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
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Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
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***************************** THE END *********************************