Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 Lulu Valentine FAQ v1.0 - RJ Streety
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 Lulu Valentine FAQ

by RJ Streety   Updated to v1.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 on the DC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
First version : November 14, 2000 by RJ Streety (

The following FAQ is copyrighted by me, RJ Streety.  If you'd like
 to use it, all you have to do is ask.  All I ask in return is that
 it not be changed in any way.  Thank you for reading.

Here's another guide for one of my favorite boxers in R2R - Round 2,
 Lulu Valentine.

 Special Thanks
 Control Key - Dreamcast Default
 Rumble Basics
 Lulus' Bio and Stats
 Lulus' Outfits
 Lulus' Standard Punches
 Lulus' Special Attacks
 Lulus' Combos
 Lulus' Taunts
 Overall Strategy

Special Thanks
I'd like to thank Midway for making this game.  I appreciate it.

I'd also like to give thanks to Z-Force for making the FAQ that
 allowed me to find special attacks and combos, and for generously
 posting info that I found on his FAQ.

And thanks to you for reading this thing.

Control Key - Dreamcast Default 
u  -  up
d  -  down
f  -  forward
b  -  back
df -  diagonal down and forward
uf -  diagonal up and forward

HL -  High Left  (Button X)
HR -  High Right (Button Y)
LL -  Low Left   (Button A) 
LR -  Low Right  (Button B)
HB -  High Block (Trigger R)
LB -  Low Block  (Trigger L)

Rumble Basics
Here, I'll describe the moves basic to every boxer.

Jab        - press HL.
Lunge Jab  - hold f, press HL.
Straight   - press HR.
Lunge      - hold f, press HR.
Overhand   - hold b, press HR.
High Hook  - hold u or d, press HL or HR.
Uppercut   - hold df or uf, press HL or HR.
Body Blow  - press LL or LR.
Lunge Body - hold f, press LL or LR.
Low Hook   - hold u or d, press LL or LR.

High Block  - hold Trigger R.
Low Block   - hold Trigger L.
Ducking     - during Low Block, hold f.
Sway Motion - during High Block, hold u, d or b to sway in those
Jump Motion - during Low Block, hold u, d or b to jump in those

Each boxer has four taunts.  These are done with the following
 button combinations.


Strength and Stamina
There are two bars next to the portrait of your selected fighter,
 the strength bar, and your stamina bar.  The strength bar is the
 multi colored bar on top, and the solid blue bar below that is
 your stamina bar.  The strength bar decreases when you are hit,
 and when it is fully drained, you will be knocked down.  Quickly
 rotate the analog stick and press all the punch buttons to gain
 strength.  You'll get back to your feet when the stamina bar is

The stamina bar determines how many punches you can throw before
 needing to rest.  As long as you have stamina you can throw a
 punch.  When it is drained, your punches come out at a slow rate.
 Stop throwing punches to regain stamina.  Also, when you are hit,
 stamina is decreased as well.

Rumble Power
As you hit your opponent, letters will appear under your boxers'
 picture at the bottom of the screen.  These letters spell out
 "R-U-M-B-L-E".  You can build this up to three times, going
 from yellow letters, to red letters, and finally smoking white
 letters.  A new feature added to R2R is that taunting adds
 letters as well. 

To activate Rumble Power, you must spell out RUMBLE at least
 once.  Then you have to press both HB and LB at the same time.
 After this, your boxers' hands will begin to glow.  During this
 time, you have unlimited stamina and increased speed, but it is
 short, so don't waste it.  When you activate Rumble Power, ALL
 letters are used.
To start your Rumble Flurry, press HL and HR at the same time
 during Rumble Power.  The flurry depends on the amount of
 letters built up before activating Rumble Power.  A Level
 1 Rumble Flurry uses yellow letters, a Level 2 Rumble Flurry
 uses red letters, and a Level 3 Rumble Flurry uses white

A Level 3 Rumble Flurry results in an instant knockout if
 it connects.

If you are knocked down, you will lose a level of Rumble
 Power.  This also occurs at the end of each round.

New to R2R is a parrying feature.  With this you can intercept your
 opponent's punches and leave them open for a counter attack.  What
 happens with parrying is that your opponent must hit your boxer's
 parrying motion to leave them open.  Timing and practice are
 essential in doing this properly.

High Parry  - quickly tap HB twice.  Parries high punches only.
Low Parry   - quickly tap LB twice.  Parries low punches only.

Lulus' Bio and Stats
Hometown : Seattle, Washington        Weight : 108 pounds
Age      : 27 years                   Reach  : 64 inches    
Height   : 5 feet, 2 inches           Rival  : Joey T.
Nickname : "The Sweet Petite"

Boxing and fashion design isn't very compatible.  At least that's
 what Lulus' critics say.  They feel that her commitment to boxing
 isn't as focused as her commitment to designs.  That may be true,
 but that doesn't hide the fact that Lulu is one of the quickest
 boxers in the circuit, and her custom ringwear is always a crowd

Lulus' Outfits
To change your fighter's default outfit, place the selector icon on
 your fighter, and press X.

Release Champion Outfits for your fighter by beating the game in
 Championship Mode with the fighter selected.

When the internal Dreamcast calendar reaches certain holidays,
 Holiday Outfits are available to select boxers.

Outfit 1   - Pink top and boots, sky blue shorts and gauntlets.
Outfit 2   - Black top and boots, black and gold shorts and
Champion 1 - Red and purple top, single purple legging and boots.
Champion 2 - Green and brown top, single green legging and boots.
Holiday    - Valentines' Day - Sexy red and white outfit.

Lulus' Standard Punches
This is a description of the punches Lulu has.  They're separated by
 the punches stated in the Rumble Basics section.

Jab        - A basic, average speed jab.  Range is decent too.

Lunge Jab  - Not that much slower than her regular jab, and it has
              better range.

Straight   - Has nearly the same range and speed as her regular jab,
              and it hits a little harder.

Lunge      - It's a little telegraphed from Lulu leading with her left
 Straight     hand before throwing it.  The speed is average, and the
              range is decent.

Overhand   - It comes out with good speed and range, but Lulu will
 Right        need time to recover after throwing it.

High Hook  - Both the HL and HR versions of this punch have good
              speed and range.  No real difference between either one.

Uppercut   - The HL version may be the fastest in the game, but the
              range is a little short.  The HR version has better
              range in exchange for speed.

Body Blow  - Both the LL and LR versions have good speed, and average
              range.  No real difference in these punches either.

Lunge Body - The LL version has average speed, and the range is good.
 Blow         The LR version is telegraphed from Lulu leading with
              her left hand before throwing it.

Low Hook   - Lulus' low hooks have been slowed down tremendously from
              the original R2R.  Both the LL and LR versions are
              pretty slow, and the range is average.  The LL version
              is the better one to throw since it's faster.  The LR
              version has a delay in it that REALLY telegraphs it.

Lulus' Special Attacks
Here, I'll describe Lulus' special punches, its advantages and
 disadvantages.  A (+) is an advantage, and a (-) is a disadvantage.

Special Attack #1 - b, b, f + HR

Lulu spins around with her fists extended, then finishes with an

   (+) Has nice range on it.
   (-) Easy to counter or block since it takes a while for Lulu to
        get the punches off.

Special Attack #2 - f + HL + HR

Lulu swings her fists in double overhead strikes, one after the other.

   (+) A quick two hits for good damage.
   (-) Lulu's open to a counter if it's blocked, missed, and if it
        hits since she needs time to recover after throwing it.

Special Attack #3 - f + LL + LR

Lulu gets low, then swings two punches to the body, one after the

   (+) Nice ranged low punch.
   (-) Comes out, and finishes, pretty slow.  The first one can hit,
        but the second one can be blocked or parried.

Lulus' Combos
These are Lulus' combos in the game.  Do each command quickly and in
 order to get the punches of correctly.

Combo #1 : HL - HR - LR - LR

Lulus' regular jab followed by her straight, then her LR body blow
 followed by a spinning low right hook.  The last shot is good for
 hitting opponents from a distance.  There's a slight delay between
 the straight and the body blow, so look out for the block or parry.

Combo #2 : df + HL - HR

Lulus' HL uppercut followed by her straight.  The last shot of this
 simple combo can surprise opponents since most boxers are vulnerable
 after throwing an uppercut.  With the HL uppercut, Lulu isn't one
 of them.

Combo #3 : f + LL + LR - LR - HR - HR - HL - HL

Lulus' double low punch, then a lunging body blow, followed by Lulus'
 double overhead strikes and finished with two spinning hooks.  This
 is a monster 7 hit combo that can stun an opponent if all of the
 blows hit.  There is a delay needed to throw the last two shots.
 You have to wait for the animation of the double overhead strikes
 to end, then as soon as it does, input the last two HL commands.
 Needless to say, practice is recommended.  The only drawback for this
 combo is the delay in between the blows of the double low punches.
 Opponent has time to put up their guard, or parry and counter.

Lulus' Taunts
These are Lulus' taunts.  I'll describe each one, and how many letters
 she gets for finishing them.

Lulu raises her fists, shakes her head and says : "Can't catch meee"!
 If she finishes, she gets one letter.

Lulu throws her head back and poses.  She says : "You stink"!  If she
 finishes, she'll get one letter.

Lulu poses for the crowd saying : "Bring it on, doughhead".  If she
 finishes, she'll get two letters.

Lulu hops up and down swiveling her hips saying : "I'm so fast and
 pretty".  If she finishes, she'll get two letters.

Overall Strategy

Lulu doesn't have a lot of long range punches, so a lot of times, you
 have to get close to your opponent to do some damage.  The jab and
 straight punches are good to keep your distance, although with her
 reach, you may exchange shots every now and then.  Lulu players need
 a good defense and ability to counter well, so be prepared to block
 or move when you finish your special and power punches.

This is the end of my strategy guide for Lulu Valentine.  If you
 have any questions or comments for me, just e-mail me at the
 address above.