R: Racing Evolution review
R Racing Races Ahead

The good:

Excellent Handling
Pressure System
Loads of Cars

The bad:

Could do with more tracks
Story mode a little short
Perhaps a little samey after a while


Namco brings racing to the current gens, but how does it compare to other racing games out there?

Graphically the game is a visual treat. The cars are stunning. The movies are brilliant too, capturing Rena and Gina beautifully. The tracks aren't quite as excellent, but they're good anyway.

Sounds are a mixed affair. I just can't get into any of the music used, but the sounds, especially the pit team comments, are great.

So how does the game play? Initially the controls are a little awkward, and you'll find yourself driving in the dirt more often than on the track at first. This is especially true if you're used to games like Mario Kart. This is because you can't simply go full pelt around corners, nor can you simply slam on the brakes without launching into a complete spin.

With practice you'll soon get better at staying on the track, and can then start actually racing. You can vary the difficulty by your choice of car. The computer is pretty smart too, weaving around trying to block you off.

The pressure system is a method of passing computer drivers. Basically the idea is that, as you close in and look for an opening you pile the pressure on the driver, increasing the chance of them making a mistake. This is meant to be the computer equivalent of looking over your shoulder, and it works well.

So the game plays well, so what game modes can you actually play? Story mode sees you play through several chapters, meeting certain conditions. Good but too short lived for a story mode. Time Trial is ideal for getting some practice in. Tackle versus to set up your own custom races.

Event Challenge is where the meat of this game is. With over 100 different events, ranging from simple races to drag races this is where you'll be spending most of your time. Each challenge sets restrictions, and then offers medals based on which type of car you use or how well you did(providing you clear the challenge).

Bad bits? Lots of cars but not enough tracks to go with them. Also things can seem a little samey after a while.

Overall a worthwhile purchase for racing fans. There are few proper alternatives on the GC so go for it.

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