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Quest 64 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Quest 64 cheat codes.


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Easy Final Battle
To beat Mammon easily, simply cast magic barrier to protect yourself, then shower him with avalanche. You may need to renew your magic barrier every other turn or so.
Easy Mammon battle
Get close to Mammon and keep hitting him with avalanche. I beat him in around 30 seconds doing this.
Hidden Desert Castle
Explore the southeastern section of the desert region (the area with no walls) until you encounter a gem floating in the air. Touch this gem to be transported to a hidden castle called Shamwood filled with items.
After a battle using the Super Defense cheat outside of Dondoran, use healing level one until you run out of MP, then go into Dondoran and finsh healing, Repeat
Starting Out Best Elements and Boss Battles
The best element is earth because of its strength. The next is water because it has a ton of things that can help you out if you get lost or if you are low on hp and the amount of rock and fire type monsters makes it the perfect element to get up. Third is fire which is at this ranking not because it is weak but because of the fact that its strongest and most accurate attacks are close range which gives you a disadvantage with any boss or monster. Last is wind because of the fact that all its attacks are weak; even ultimate wind which is the strongest attack you can get

Now the first thing u should get up is water because of the fact that the first boss is rock based and to defeat him you need your ice knife attack to do at least 20 damage then go to the beach dondoran get a rubber band and make it so that the rubber band ties it so you are running in circles without running into walls and leave the game on until your agility is 100. Now when fighting the boss go behind the well so that he can't use his close ranged attack and keep using ice knife. When he uses magma beam all you do is right when his turn starts go to either the right or left and it wont be able to hit you but make sure you are facing him. You should get your water up to 25 before going through the gate that was locked then move along.

Next get your rock up because the next boss or 2 are wind based and easy to kill with rock and make sure you have magic barrier before you fight the next boss. After this just get your rock and water to 50 and start working on fire trust me once you get past the first boss everything else should be a breeze.


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Avoiding Earth-based magic
Run towards any monster that uses Earth-based magic while they are attacking. They always miss if Brian is close enough to the monster. Since their stone attacks are more powerful then their physical attacks, this strategy will also conserve hit points.
Easy Zelse battle
When facing Zelse in the battle for the Wind Jade, Brian can avoid his second attack by standing six or seven steps away from him. When in this position, Brian will be able to easily outrun his attack.
Entering the Forest
Before entering the forest, fight the enemies around the sign and the trees.
Preferred Elements
The best Elements, in order, are: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.
Staff attack
Having all the Elements is still not as powerful in combat as using the staff. When usedsuccessfully, the staff almost always does more damage to most enemies than theElements.
Super Agility
Take Brian to a large area where you can not be attacked by any monsters. Start Brian running in small circles and while running unplug your controller. Brian should still be running in circles. Now if you didn't know, running raises your agility, so just before you go to bed start Brian running in circles, turn off the tv and let him go loose all night!. When you wake up your agility should be super high. If you want it higher, repeat!
Super attack
Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. Select any spell, then press A. This will result in an attack with both the staff and magic spell in a single turn.
Super Defense
For the best way to raise defense find a monster that uses spells like Windcutter Lv3 or Homing Arrow Lv3. In other words a monster who uses lots of individual attacks in one turn. Defense is accumulated more by how many times your hit, not how great the damage is. Now just simply let this monster attack you, you leave it alone and let it do its thing. While its hacking away at you cast healing spells to keep yourself from dieing. When your health gets too low kill the monster and repeat.