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Quarth FAQ v1.0
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Quarth FAQ

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
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This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
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-----------------------T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S-----------------------
1. - Controls                                                                  
2. - Basics of the Game                                                        
3. - Strategies                                                                
4. - Disclaimer                                                                
-----------------------------1. - C O N T R O L S------------------------------
Left/Right - Moves ship                                                        
Up         - Speeds up ship                                                    
Down       - No use                                                            
A      - Shoot                                                                 
B      - Shoot                                                                 
Start  - Pause                                                                 
Select - No Use                                                                
--------------------2. - B A S I C S   O F   T H E   G A M E-------------------
This is a fun little game to play whenever you're bored. It's basically a      
Tetris kind of game but with a twist. Instead of trying to make lines, you have 
to make blocks by shooting pieces. You just need to make any four sided figure 
out of the pieces and they need to be full. So for example they could look like 
any of the following:                                                          
 ____    ________              ___________________                             
|    |  |        |  ________  |                   |  _________________________ 
|    |  |        | |        | |                   | |                         |
|    |  |        | |________| |                   | |_________________________|
|____|  |________|            |___________________|                            
Any of those will be fine along with any other quadrilaterals you could make.  
You don't even need any full quadrilaterals. You could get ones with holes in  
the middle but they are pretty rare. So all you really need is an outline of a 
quadrilateral. Keep that in mind for any blocks you see in the future. Here is 
an example that you could get a hole in the middle:                            
|   ____   |                                                                   
|  |    |  | You could shoot four along the very bottom adding an extra line.  
|  |    |  | That extra line will give you what you need for the full outline  
|  |    |  | of a quadrilateral. I know there's already an outline there but   
|__|____|__| you will have to add to it yourself.                              
Now you actually need to get a glimpse of how the other things in the game     
works. There will be line that goes all the way across in front of your ship.  
If you let any of the blocks go into that line, you will die. So you have to   
get rid of the closest blocks first. Also, when you get rid of a block, the    
screen will stop moving as you watch it disappear. Keep this in mind when there 
are really big blocks and there are others around.                             
You could shoot four shots at a time. That means that there could be four      
blocks coming out of your ship and appearing on the screen at a time. Use this 
to your advantage. You could shoot out all four that you will need to make the 
block disappear before the first one will even hit. Now let's begin with some  
----------------------------3. - S T R A T E G I E S---------------------------
-------------------. As I have mentioned above, you could shoot four blocks at 
                  /  a time. So try to aim ahead and shoot as many as you can. 
Aiming Ahead     /   Try not to mess up while you do this because it might make
                /    you have to shoot another three or four blocks to get rid 
---------------'     of a block.                                               
-------------------. I have also mentioned this in the above section. When one 
                  /  block disappears, the screen will stop moving. Sometimes  
Best Time Freeze /   there will be one big block with a lot of small blocks on 
                /    the screen. Get rid of the big block and the screen will  
---------------'     freeze for a longer time. This will give you more time to 
                     get rid of the smaller blocks. This strategy will become  
                     more useful towards the end of the game.                  
-------------------. This is where some strategizing will have to come into    
                  /  play. The farther you get into the game, the closer the   
Series of Blocks /   blocks will be and they will be connected. Look at them   
                /    and look for which are the easiest to get rid of and the  
---------------'     closest. Get rid of those first and then you will just    
                     have to keep getting rid of them until you're done with   
                     that series of blocks.                                    
-------------------. As I mentioned in the above section, you can get rid of   
                  /  multiple blocks at once. You just need the whole thing to 
Multi-Blocks     /   be one big quadrilateral. They are pretty rare but keep   
                /    your eye out for them anyways. Below is an example of what
---------------'     one make look like so you know how it's possible.         
 ________ ________ ________ __ ________                                        
|________|________|________|  |_____   | You see the blank spot under the third
|________|________|        |________|__| block? You could fill out that spot to
                                         get rid of all of those blocks!       
-------------------. Also mentioned above, you don't necessarily need to make a
                  /  full block, just an outline. So if you see a block on top 
Gap Blocks       /   of another block with a gap in the middle, you don't have 
                /    to worry about it. Just make a full outline and both      
---------------'     blocks will disappear!                                    
-------------------. Getting rid of certain colored blocks will give you power-
                  /  ups. The white blocks will get rid of all of the blocks on
Power-Ups        /   the screen. Try to let as many blocks as possible on      
                /    before you use it. The purple blocks will change your     
---------------'     ship. The new ship is much faster in all aspects.         
Now we will discuss how to get rid of each block. Please note. I drew in little
arrows showing where you should aim. The number of arrows going horizontally is 
not always going to be correct due to the type of text.                        
*Note - These blocks may be in a different direction so please adjust          
|__  |                                                                         
 ^^| | These are probably the easiest and fastest to get rid of. You really    
 ^^| | shouldn't have a problem with these and when you see a bunch lined up,  
 ^^| | it should be like a little vacation. Just point the cursor at the blank 
 ^^|_| space you have to fill up and quickly shoot it four times.              
|__   _____| These are pretty simple. Shoot one to the left of that peg poking 
 ^^|_|^^^^^  out and then shoot three more to the right of it.                 
|___  | These are also very easy. Just point at either side the arrows are     
 ^^^| | pointing to in the picture and shoot twice quickly. Then shoot twice at
 ^^^|_| the other arrows.                                                      
|  __  | These are just like the previous blocks except there's an extra line  
| |^^| | to the side. Don't pay attention to that and get rid of it the same   
|_|^^|_| way you'd get rid of the previous block.                              
|________| These are the most basic but they actually take the longest to get  
 ^^^^^^^^  rid of. You just have to keep moving to the side while shooting one 
           block at a time.                                                    
|__   __| These are pretty easy. Just shoot two blocks at either of those      
 ^^| |^^  arrows. Then go to the other arrows and shoot another two blocks.    
                  /  This stage is very simple. It is narrow but there really  
Stage One        /   isn't too many blocks. They're are also very few series of
                /    blocks too, they are usually all seperated.               
                  /  This stage is also pretty simple. There are a lot of      
Stage Two        /   blocks in a series and also seperate. However, this level 
                /    is a lot more wide open so you could take your time.      
                  /  This stage is a bit more complex. It has a lot of blocks  
Stage Three      /   just like stage two, except now it is in a more narrow    
                /    area. Be quick but don't be too quick.                    
                  /  This one is pretty wide and has a lot of series of blocks.
Stage Four       /   Be careful because if you mess up trying to get one big   
                /    multi-block, you're done for.                             
                  /  This level is tough. It's wide but it also has a lot of   
Stage Five       /   blocks. Don't even try to do anything big. Always get rid 
                /    of as many blocks as you can whenever you can because     
---------------'     there is little to no room for error.                     
                  /  This level is tough because of the speed. It is narrow    
Stage Six        /   a lot of series of blocks, but it is much faster than the 
                /    previous levels.                                          
                  /  This level isn't too confusing, it's just fast. Mose of   
Stage Seven      /   the series of blocks will be the same which is good for   
                /    huge combos. Just don't get caught up trying to get one   
---------------'     because it could really mess you up!                      
                  /  This one is hard. Everything is tight and compacted. There
Stage Eight      /   are also random series of blocks which are hard for big   
                /    combos with. They also move quickly.                      
                  /  This level is very hard. It moves the fastest, there are a
Stage Nine       /   lot of random blocks all around, and it's in a tiny spot. 
                /    Don't try for big points on this level, just try to       
---------------'     survive!                                                  
---------------------------4. - D I S C L A I M E R----------------------------
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted ゥ 2005 to Frank Grochowski. International  
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