Quake Live review
Quake Live: Excellent free browser shooter

The good:

- Free, absolutely no cost
- Lots of different weapons
- Great online deathmatches
- Lots of different game modes
- Customizable controls
- No massive downloads, just one simple plugin
- You get your own gamertag
- Forums (you can set up clans!)
- Choose from a range of characters

The bad:

- Can get laggy
- If you're using a server not near you, you can lose connection
- Wait times


Quake Live is a free online browser game. It's a first person shooter, and it's one of the greatest games available.
Now NeoSeeker has this game in the Windows section. But Quake Live is available to Mac OS X and Linux users now. You just have to run FireFox or Internet Explorer.

One great thing about this game is there is no massive file you have to install that takes up all of your hard drive space. You just have to download a simple plugin for your browser that barely reaches 2MB. Once the plugin is installed, you will play a training match against a computer controlled character called Crash, which will set your skill level.

Another great unique thing about the game is that kills are called "frags". I, personally, think this is a great thing.

You have fully customizable controls (you can go with the game's default). This allows you to use whatever keys you want to move, whatever you want to shoot, and so on.

You can choose your character from a range of different alien-esque beings.

The weapons in the game range from shotguns to railguns, although everyone starts with the basic machine gun in deathmatches. The weapons all have different damages, purposes, reload rates etc.

Another great thing about the game is that you can choose all kinds of different settings. What size the game window is. Do you want your gun to move and shake around when you run? The list goes on.

There are a massive array of people to fight with online, with a massive database. Along with different game modes, like capture the flag, deathmatch, clan battles and one-on-one duels, you're not ever going to get bored of this game.

The graphics are excelent, but can get a little choppy when a lot of things are happening on screen.

To summarize, the game is an excellent free one, it would still be an excellent game if you had to pay for it.
I recommend going on the online play if you like a shooter on the PS3 or Xbox 360, because it has excellent customizable controls, you can start clans in the forums, you can get extremely competitive etc.
You can also fight people a lot better than you, or that you are better than.
It does take you back to the days of Quake for the Sega Saturn and N64. Which is a good thing.
The online play is the best part of the game. Get yourself a free account, and get playing!

And for all these reasons, I give Quake Live a 5/5.

If you like this game I recommend: Quake III Arena, Alien Arena (Linux)

Thank you for reading.

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