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Quake IV


First this is my first Action/Shooter on the 360 and also the first time I have played Quake to the full extent. Last moment of seeing Quake was on Quake 2.

Firstly to start of with, the Allies that are on you team I like how the development group have pushed in making them seem more realistic in the fact of there actions within the game. Like sneaking around and tapping you on the shoulder, giving signs to each other. Basically evolving that into the game. It added a new side to the game and basically making it all more realistic. The story I found rather interesting. A simple battle again ...


The Few, The Proud, The.... Space Marines?

The good:

+ Nice selection of punishing weapons.
+ Firefights are fast and frenetic.
+ Some nice vehicles to blast around in.

The bad:

- Short length.
- Lacks any sort of innovation.
- Enemies are pretty dirt-stupid.


Hey there soldier, do you hate Strogg? Do you like shootin' stuff? Then the Space Marines want you!

Travel to distant and barren desert planets for reasons unspecified to do battle with unknown enemies in a labyrinth of metallic catwalks and narrow industrial hallways for the good of the universe! Like shooting with friends? Well your marine buddies are tough as nails and ready to pull the trigger by your side or throw you a medpack or two when you're hurting. Hell, they might even be nice and occasionally upgrade your weapons to make you an even deadlier, even faster, and even more brainle...


You look like beef STROGGenoff...

The good:

AI (both the enemies and your fellow Marines)
LOOOOONG single-player campaign
Voice acting

The bad:

Some frame rate issues
Outdoor environments could have been a little more detailed


Well, the next-gen wars have begun. Microsoft has fired the first salvo and lets just say that it is a direct hit. There are some BEAUTIFUL launch titles for the 360, but Quake IV is certainly one of the flashiest. For the first time EVER, gamers can play a game that was meant for a high end PC on a console. Its absolutely GORGEOUS. The lighting, particle effects and character models are all spot on. ID has done an excellent job of taking the Doom III engine, giving it a spit shine and using it to submerge us in the Strogg universe.

This is a gory, disturbing game. In one of the more memora...

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