Quake 4 (PC) Cheats

Quake 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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eays beat nexus
so its hard betting the nexus at the end with things lioke lightning hgun and all that but this is an easyer way to do it.first of DO NOT use the bets weapon thats the dark matter because i found it ant that easy to use.instead use the following:lightning gun for the power thing that powers the shiled then use the hyperblaster against the nexus.it will be easyer and u may need 2-3 trys and hope u did it right.
Skip the intermission sequences!
To skip the sequences, start the game with +disconnect command line parameter.


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Bringing down the console and cheating(excuse my spelling)
During gameplay,to bring down the console,simotanesouly press Ctrl+Alt+~,if done correctly,a giant database will now come down from the top of the screen (your holy grail).Now enter this code:

com_allowconsole 1

by using this code,all you need to do is press ~ to bring down the console (talk about convience!)

Now,there are many cheat codes for this game,but all of them can all basically be summed up by this one:

Give all

This game will max out your health,ammo,armor and give you all the guns in the game!

These codes will not give you any glitches or game disfunctions,so don't worry while entering.
Map names
These are them map names. Use the Map Game/ code.

Air Defense Base: airdefense1
Air Defense Trenches: airdefense2
Aqueducts: convoy2
Aqueducts Annex: convoy2b
Canyon: convoy1
Construction Zone: walker
Data Networking Security: network2
Data Networking Terminal: network1
Data Processing Security: process2
Data Storage Security: storage2
Dispersal Facility: dispersal
game/process1: process1
game/storage1: storage1
Hangar Perimeter: hangar1
Interior Hangar: hangar2
MCC Landing Site: mcc_landing
Nexus Core: core1
Nexus Hub: hub2
Nexus Hub Tunnels: hub1
Operation: Advantage: mcc_1
Operation: Last Hope: mcc_2
Perimeter Defense Station: building_b
Putrification Center: putra
Recomposition Center: recomp
Strogg Medical Facilities: medlabs
The Nexus: core2
Tram Hub Station: tram1
Tram Rail: tram1b
Waste Processing Facility: waste
Symbol names in multi-player mode
Enter these in a multi-player mode name to create the symbols.

Dark Matter Gun: ^iw09
Gauntlet: ^iw00
Grenade Launcher: ^iw04
Hyper Blaster: ^iw03
Lightning Gun: ^iw08
Machine Gun: ^iw01
Nail Gun: ^iw05
Rail Gun: ^iw07
Rocket Launcher: ^iw06
Shotgun: ^iw02