Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

  • Released on Nov 30, 1998
  • By Sierra for PC

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire Cheats

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Extra honor points:
Use the following trick during the Rite Of Courage to get some extra honor points. While in the skull area on the map where the gate to Hades will open, click on the body of the dead guard and select "Bury The Body." You will not be able to, but you will get some extra honor points just for trying.


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Always have balloon:
Park the balloon outside Silmaria after it has been completed, then restart the game.
Build Agility, Strength and Vitality easily:
Hold G + K until your character's stamina is expended. Then, rest for an hour and repeat.
Duplicate items:
Throw an item, including coins, into the air. Press I while the item is in mid-air, select the same item, then throw it in the air again. Repeat to duplicate the selected item.