Commandos 2: Men of Courage review
Definately Courageous Men

The good:

~The hard strategic play
~The ability to swap players
~The music
~Quick loading times
~Brilliant A.I

The bad:

~Bad Graphics (really bad)


Commandos 2: Men of Courage (C2:MOC), is the second in the series and has not let it down, through very fun, but hard stratgic gameplay, and how the game is so well put together.

C2:MOC is set in war time where you are a commander of an elite squad who is sent to stop the threat that is causing the war. Your commander is a Berre who is very skilled in what he does, you also get to be other people who know how to work with vehicles, defuse bombs, plant bombs, decode messages, disguise as an enemy soldier, and many things to help you along your way.

This is a very hard game that will really make you think, instead of the usual games where you can take on a whole room filled with 50 guys shooting 400 rounds a minute and you take them all down with an uzi. This is really realistic, and because of this there are a couple of ways around things.

The graphics are horrible, especially when you zoom in on something very close, you will see how pixelated it really is. But form up high it looks like a cheap photograph. The scenery is nice and you will go through places like Paris. When you are in buildings you will see all balck around the rooms as it is not that detailed and it has weird camera angles.

The game is very addictive with some nice music, the sounds are ok, but the cool thing is, when you order one of your men to go somewhere you will see a sound mark, and that indicates if an enemy can hear it or not.

C2:MOC is a brilliantly put together piece of work and if you aree into those war games with the distant camera angles then this is a must (if you also like hard games). Though I would not recommend this to the casual gamer who wants to play something for half an hour, so rent before you buy.

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