Commandos 2: Men of Courage review
If you love tough strategy games

The good:

The graphics, the many many ways to go about killing and getting around Germans, the gameplay, 360 degree camera views

The bad:

the short pauses when you walk in and out of buildings or change camera views, the occasional lag when lots of stuff happens (but what can you do...besides its not big of a deal)


First of all, this game is tough. When you first start a mission, you really dont know where to begin or how to go about doing it....so if you dont like having to wait and think for long periods of time, then this game isnt for you....but if you like challenges that require you to actually use your brain, then this game is perfect.
I think one of the best parts of this game is the fact that you have, what seems to be a never ending way to go about things. I mean, theres a German standing there...if you have the green baret then you can go up to him and slit his throat, or you can knock him out and tie him up and then put him somewhere....or if you have the thief handy, then you can dig a hole and lure him so he falls in it. Or you can go the easy way and shoot him in the back, but you'll most likely find 5 other Germans coming to see what that shot was.
Theres too much to talk about and critic, but overall....a very good game for those that like hard strategy games with great graphics and great gameplay. This game will definitely keep you busy for days on end and when you've beat it, you'll most likely play some of the missions again, but there will honestly be some missions that you wont want to do over. If not to buy, this game is definitely worth the rent.

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