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An Unsuccesful Space Launch...

The good:

The universe in Galactrix is simply huge. There are so many side quests and outer planets to discover, the main story isn’t goign to be the only focus of the game.
Wifi online mode is included, allowing Puzzlers to take the fight online worldwide.
The storyline is a little slow, but characters are presented perfectly, which all adds polish to the whole game.
The new honeycomb grid makes the game a lot more diverse than the simply square grids in Warlords, allowing players to shift the plates in whatever direction they see fit.

The bad:

There is too much of the same from Warlords. Though the combat system has been officially space-pimped, it still feel like the same game at its core.
Despite there are so many missions, there all pretty much have you doing the same objective everytime.
There is only one pre-set difficulty, meaning that the learning curve can differ from player to player.


The only handheld arcade puzzle games I have really ever played and enjoyed, have got to be Tetris and the original Alleyway for the Nintendo Gameboy. Both were very simplistic, and despite I’m not as big on retro gaming as most of my colleagues are here at Resumplay, but I see the long lasting appeal of the original titles. Though, now Alleyway and Tetris have both been twisted and milked dry nowadays; I remember playing Alleyway on my ancient iPod Nano, and Tetris flash games have become increasingly common.
I had only recently started playing Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords -a tot...

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