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The Challenge Is On The Move


If you've been following my reviews (and if not, why?) then you might be aware that I've already played and enjoyed the PC version of this game. So then why get another version of the same game? The simple reason is that it seemed like the perfect kind of game to play on the move and I was hopeful that the excellent gameplay would survive the transition from the more capable PC to the humble DS. As it turns out, it survives the transition mostly intact, delivering that same unusual mix of puzzle and RPG elements that somehow works.

The core gameplay is that of the classic match 3 genre that ...


Taking Up The Challenge


Match 3 objects of a kind and *poof* they disappear, causing those above to fall down and potentially create further chains. Whether said objects are gems, minerals or animals the core concept remains steadfast throughout countless variants of this genre, but various tweaks come about to provide each game with its own unique experience. So what can Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords do to stand out from the very busy crowd?

First, for the newcomers to this style of games, here's the general gist of it. You have a large grid of various objects, which in this game's case consists of gems,...


Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

The good:

+ decent gameplay
+ decent graphics
+ Good story
+ excellent combintion of a classic puzzle game and RPG adventure

The bad:

- road battles get very irritating, and boring
- a "temper prodder"


Puzzle Quest is basically a mix of an RPG, RPG story and the classic puzzle game of Bejeweled. In this particular puzzle quest, you are a young hero (male or female) following a path of adventure, trying to figure out the reason for rises in enemies, and taking of slaves, and eventually try to defeat the many sources. This game has all the basics of a classic RPG, such as taverns, quests, shops, battles and more.


Gameplay is decent and fast paced for the most part, but when it comes to actually killing your enemy, that takes a wee bit longer.

Gameplay/the battle screen is basically j...

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