Putt-Putt Joins the Circus FAQ/Walkthrough v0.6
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: : : : Putt-Putt Joins the Circus FAQ/Walkthrough

Putt-Putt Joins the Circus FAQ/Walkthrough

by SuperOtakuAlex   Updated to v0.6 on
Putt-Putt Joins the Circus (PC) Walkthrough/Complete Guide

Author: SuperOtakuAlex
Version: 0.6
Console: Microsoft Windows PC
Created: 7/16/12
Last Update: 7/21/12


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
	[1.1] Game Overview/Introduction
	[1.2] Version History
[2] Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Brief Information
	[2.1] Plot
	[2.2] Gameplay
[3] Characters
	[3.1] Putt-Putt
	[3.2] Pep
	[3.3] Roll-Along Cassidy
	[3.4] BJ Sweeney
	[3.5] Honko the Clown
	[3.6] Katie Cannonball
	[3.7] Phillipe the Flea
	[3.8] Reginald Cornelius Andronocles III
	[3.9] Terri
	[3.10] Marie
	[3.11] Herb Porkowski
	[3.12] Pearl Porkowski
	[3.13] Hammy Porkowski
	[3.14] Marvin the Marvelous
	[3.15] Eunice the Unicycle
	[3.16] Francine the Hippo High Diver
	[3.17] Ivan the Semi-Strong Van
	[3.18] Sebastian the Juggling Seal
	[3.19] Belobrodnik the Ballet Dancing Bear
	[3.20] Bart the Peanut Cart
	[3.21] Hank the Security Car
	[3.22] Bette the Bandwagon
	[3.23] Lester the Flea Janitor
	[3.24] Baby Jambo
	[3.25] Mama Mombasa
[4] Part 1- Heading to the Circus
	[4.1] Heading to the Circus
[5] Part 2- Big Top Trouble
	[5.1] Big Top Trouble
[6] Part 3- The Peanut Challenge!
	[6.1] The Peanut Challenge!
[7] Part 4- Where’s Phillipe?
	[7.1] Where’s Phillipe?
[8] Part 5- Do You Have Authorization?
	[8.1] Do You Have Authorization?
[9] Part 6- Trouble Backstage
	[9.1] Trouble Backstage
[10] Part 7- Honko’s Nose
	[10.1] Honko’s Nose
[11] Part 8- A Plan for Katie
	[11.1] A Plan for Katie
[12] Part 9- The Fleas’ New Home
	[12.1] The Fleas’ New Home
[13] Part 10- Costume Mix-Up
	[13.1] Costume Mix-Up
[14] Part 11- When Pigs Fly!
	[14.1] When Pigs Fly!
[15] Part 12- The Show Must Go On!
	[15.1] The Show Must Go On!
[16] Final Word
	[16.1] Final Word
[A] Email/Contact Information
[B] FAQs
[C] Credits
[D] Copyright
[1] Introduction
[1.1] Game Overview/Introduction
Hey, all! Welcome to my walkthrough of Putt-Putt Joins the Circus for 
the PC! I would have also done Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, but the game 
is pretty old and it can’t run on my computer’s model. :(

Anyhow, Putt-Putt Joins the Circus is an educational, point-and-click 
adventure game developed by Humongous Entertainment. This game 
revolves around the titular character, Putt-Putt, a little purple car 
who loves to help others. With his dog and best pal, Pep, Putt-Putt 
loves going on adventures and meeting new people.
[1.2] Version History

Version 0.1 [7/16/12]
I started the guide on this date. I also added character information.

Version 0.2 [7/17/12]
I added some more character information.

Version 0.3 [7/18/12]
I started working on the level walkthrough and got through three 
parts of it.

Version 0.4 [7/19/12]
I finished four parts of the level walkthrough.

Version 0.5 [7/20/12]
I completed a few more chapters of the level walkthrough.

Version 0.6 [7/21/12]
The walkthrough was completely finished on this date.

[2] Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Brief Information
[2.1] Plot
Putt-Putt is excited for the grand opening of BJ Sweeney’s Big Top 
Circus in Apple Valley. Together with his dog Pep, Putt-Putt is ready 
to take on the long drive from Car Town to get there. However, Putt-
Putt must get past various obstacles before the show can go on. If 
anyone can do it, Putt-Putt can!

[2.2] Gameplay
Because this game is a point-and-click, most of the game requires 
only the use of the mouse.

At the bottom of the screen is Putt-Putt’s dashboard. His steering 
wheel is there, his horn, his radio, his gauges, and also his glove 
box inventory. Most items you’ll need can be stored inside the glove 
box for later use.

The key acts as a menu screen and allows you to save, load, and quit 
the game.

[3] Characters
[3.1] Putt-Putt
Putt-Putt is a little purple car with a big heart. He always worries 
about the well-being of others and has a very generous nature. 
Despite his goal sometimes getting delayed by other factors, Putt-
Putt is willing to complete tasks for the personal satisfaction of 
achieving a good deed.
[3.2] Pep
Pep is Putt-Putt’s loyal and rambunctious dog. He tags along with 
Putt-Putt wherever he goes and always lends a hand...err- paw.
[3.3] Roll-Along Cassidy
Cassidy is a steam-locomotive that traverses from the path near Car 
Town all the way through to Apple Valley. Cassidy doesn’t like when 
animals cross onto the track, as it delays travel.
[3.4] BJ Sweeney
BJ Sweeney is the owner and ringmaster of BJ Sweeney’s Big Top 
Circus. He’s often filling out paperwork and other documents, but 
added stress always seems to pile on him. He sometimes mixes up his 
eyebrows and his mustache.
[3.5] Honko the Clown
Honko the Clown is one of the main acts at BJ Sweeney’s Big Top 
Circus. Being a clown car, Honko doesn’t speak English like the other 
cars, but Honkish, a special language for clown cars. 
[3.6] Katie Cannonball 
Katie Cannonball is one of the main acts at BJ Sweeney’s Big Top 
Circus. She is an aerodynamic car whose act involves firing herself 
from a cannon onto a target. However, she knows that safety always 
comes first!
[3.7] Phillipe the Flea
Phillipe the Flea is one of the main acts at BJ Sweeney’s Big Top 
Circus. Phillipe lives with his troupe of fleas underneath a small 
umbrella. He can be identified from his fellow fleas by his large 
gold tooth.
[3.8] Reginald Cornelius Andronocles III
Reginald is one of the main acts at BJ Sweeney’s Big Top Circus. He 
is a lion that is very sophisticated and logical. He’s very kind and 
is the leader of the act between him and his two assistants, Terri 
and Marie.
[3.9] Terri
Terri is one of Reginald’s assistants. She has a twin sister named 
Marie, but she can be identified by the beauty mark on her face.
[3.10] Marie
Marie is one of Reginald’s assistants. She has a twin sister named 
[3.11] Herb Porkowski
Herb is one of The Flying Porkowskis, who specialize in acrobatics on 
the trapeze, one of the main acts at BJ Sweeney’s Big Top Circus. 
Herb is a pig and is considered the leader of the Porkowskis, often 
making the final decision. His wife is Pearl and his son is Hammy.
[3.12] Pearl Porkowski
Pearl is one of The Flying Porkowskis, one of the main acts at BJ 
Sweeney’s Big Top Circus. Pearl is the wife of Herb and mother of 
Hammy. She makes decisions, but not near as many as Herb.
[3.13] Hammy Porkowski
Hammy is one of The Flying Porkowskis, one of the main acts at BJ 
Sweeney’s Big Top Circus. Hammy is the son of Herb and Pearl and is 
rather young. He’s skilled in acrobatics like his parents and loves 
to have fun. 
[3.14] Marvin the Marvelous
Marvin is a magician that serves as a side act at the circus. He uses 
his magic wand to perform various tricks, but usually does card 
[3.15] Eunice the Unicycle
Eunice is a tight-rope walker and serves as a side act at the circus. 
She uses an umbrella to balance and is skilled at what she does.
[3.16] Francine the Hippo High Diver
Francine is a high diver that serves as a side act at the circus. 
Despite her size, she often lands perfect dives, albeit not without 
getting most of her audience wet.
[3.17] Ivan the Semi-Strong Van
Ivan is a semi-strong van that serves as a side act at the circus. 
His idol was the original strong van who worked at circus, Pectoro 
the Strong Van. Ivan wishes to be just like Pectoro, but has lost 
Pectoro’s power-shake recipe.
[3.18] Sebastian the Juggling Seal
Sebastian is a juggling seal that serves as a side act at the circus. 
Sebastian loves to juggle using juggling clubs, but he can only do 
well when he has the correct amount to juggle with.
[3.19] Belobrodnik the Ballet Dancing Bear
Belobrodnik is a Russian bear that practices ballet and serves as a 
side act at the circus. Despite his large size, he’s very skilled at 
[3.20] Bart the Peanut Cart
Bart is a peanut cart that spends his time selling peanuts in the big 
top. He’s a very cool guy and seems to enjoy his job.
[3.21] Hank the Security Car
Hank is the head of security at the circus and takes his job very 
seriously. He won’t let anyone through to certain areas without 
[3.22] Bette the Bandwagon
Bette is the entire orchestra at the circus. On her wagon she carries 
a pipe organ, which is prone to getting plugged.
[3.23] Lester the Flea Janitor
Lester is a flea that works as a janitor for Philippe the Flea and 
the other fleas. Lester can be identified by his mustache and broom.
[3.24] Baby Jambo
Baby Jambo is a young elephant that works at the circus by making 
paintings for others. He can paint Putt-Putt a color of the player’s 
choice. When he was younger, he and his mother were exhibits at the 
Car Town Zoo.
[3.25] Mama Mombasa
Mama Mombasa is Baby Jambo’s mother. She used to be an exhibit at the 
Car Town Zoo, along with her son. She’s very caring and motherly to 
everyone, including Putt-Putt.
[4] Part 1- Heading to the Circus
[4.1] Heading to the Circus
It’s a beautiful, sunny day and Putt-Putt is on his way to BJ 
Sweeney’s Big Top Circus with his dog, Pep. The circus is all the way 
in Apple Valley, which is a long ride by car. Pep barks in 
excitement, almost losing their ticket. Putt-Putt tells him to hold 
onto it as they don’t want to lose it. The title is shown before 
bringing you to Putt-Putt parked in front of a sign advertising the 
circus. Click the path at the top and Putt-Putt will drive up that 
way. All is going well, until Putt-Putt and Pep run into trouble. A 
train is delayed from its stop due to a stubborn goat that refuses to 
leave the track. If you talk to the train, who introduces himself as 
Roll-Along Cassidy (or just Cassidy), he’ll tell you that the goat is 
probably hungry and refuses to move until he’s fed. Click on the path 
at the right and click on the flower bush at the end of the path. 
This will come in handy for moving the goat. Return to the tracks and 
click on the bush, then drag it over to the goat. Putt-Putt uses the 
flower bush to lure the goat off the track. Happily, the goat eats 
the bush. Cassidy thanks Putt-Putt, saying that he’s been trying to 
get the goat to move all morning. His cargo was late to arrive at its 
destination, BJ Sweeney’s Big Top Circus. Putt-Putt tells him that 
they’re heading to the circus too. Cassidy explains that he delivers 
sawdust to the circus. Unknown to them, the goat is hungrily eyeing 
their ticket. The goat suddenly devours their ticket and walks off. 
Putt-Putt groans, knowing that was their only ticket and he doesn’t 
have any more money for another. For doing him a favor, Cassidy tells 
Putt-Putt to board his freight, so he can take them to the circus. 
He’s positive that they can find a way to get Putt-Putt in, ticket or 
no ticket. Boarding the freight, Putt-Putt and Pep enjoy the ride as 
Cassidy takes them from Car Town all the way through the valleys to 
Apple Valley. 

[5] Part 2- Big Top Trouble
[5.1] Big Top Trouble
Now that they’ve arrived, it’s time to find a way to get into the 
circus. Cassidy suggests talking to BJ Sweeney himself about their 
dilemma with the ticket, as he’d be glad to help. Head through the 
open curtain up ahead to reach the gate where BJ Sweeney is. BJ 
Sweeney appears to be in a bad mood, as he’s sobbing and filling out 
paperwork. Putt-Putt notices he’s not too happy, to which BJ replies 
that the show can’t go on due to the entire circus being a jumbled 
mess. The five main acts aren’t ready and the side acts have their 
own chaos going on. BJ shows him the main acts on the brochure and is 
sure that the circus is doomed. Putt-Putt is confident that he can 
help and takes the brochure from BJ for future reference. With 
gratitude, BJ promises to give Putt-Putt free circus tickets for life 
if he can help get the circus prepared. This is great, since that 
darn goat ate the ticket. With that, enter the big top up ahead. 

[6] Part 3- The Peanut Challenge!
[6.1] The Peanut Challenge!
Inside is where the main acts will take place. Click on the stairs at 
the right. The local peanut cart, Bart, will announce that he’s 
selling peanuts. Putt-Putt decides that sounds good and asks how much 
they cost. Normally, they would cost a nickel, but Bart has decided 
that because it’s opening night, he’s just going to give them out, if 
you take on the “Peanut Challenge” and win. The “Peanut Challenge” 
involves throwing peanuts to the cars in the audience, much like a 
shooting gallery. Your score is shown in the bottom right, with the 
amount of peanuts left next to it. The number in the circle is the 
number of cars you must feed, while the number outside the circle is 
how many you’ve fed so far. Your level is shown at the top left and 
you can exit the game from the top right. If you can feed at least 3 
cars, you win a jumbo bag of hot roasted peanuts. Bart will let you 
know when to start. After you’ve won, you’ll get the bag of peanuts, 
which will become useful later.

[7] Part 4- Where’s Phillipe?
[7.1] Where’s Phillipe?
Before you leave the big top, click on the platform with the 
magnifying glass and miniature big top on it. A janitor flea is 
sweeping up outside of what appears to be a small, wrecked umbrella. 
The magnifying glass is used to see him. He asks if the circus has 
started, to which Putt-Putt answers that he’s early and is helping BJ 
Sweeney get the circus ready. The flea introduces himself as Lester 
and adds that he could use a hand with something. Putt-Putt 
introduces himself and asks what the problem is. Lester begins to 
explain that his boss, Phillipe the Flea, has fled somewhere with his 
fellow fleas to somewhere Lester does not know. According to Lester, 
Phillipe is displeased with the condition of their miniature circus 
tent, which has holes in it and is broken. Putt-Putt agrees to find 
him. Lester allows you to take the magnifying glass, as it will be 
useful for finding Phillipe and the other fleas. Leave the big top 
tent through the exit at the right and you’ll find another tent. 
Unfortunately, the curtain is closed. There’s a rope that’s looped 
through the curtain and strung over a pulley system. Click on the 
rope and Putt-Putt will pull the curtain open with the string, and 
tie it to one of metal rungs on the telephone pole. Enter the tent. 
Here, you’ll meet Reginald the Lion and his assistants, Terri and 
Marie. Click on Reginald, who appears to be in a slump. Reginald will 
explain that his costume, an oversized striped swimsuit, looks 
ridiculous on him and feels undignified. After Putt-Putt adds that 
the “travesty” is merely a swimsuit, Reginald realizes this and 
removes it. He tosses it to Putt-Putt, in case he has any need for 
it. As it would seem that Reginald won’t go on without his outfit, 
Putt-Putt says that he’ll find Reginald’s costume and return it to 
him. Reginald introduces himself and his assistants to Putt-Putt 
before letting him go on his way. Continue to the right towards the 
other side of the tent. This is optional, but by clicking on the 
stereo hanging from a peg on one of the support posts, you can access 
a song sung by the various animals in the tent. Otherwise, there are 
3 different-colored curtains in the room. The purple curtain leads to 
the wood-cutting machine, the green current leads to Sebastian the 
Juggling Seal, and the red current leads to Belobrodnik the Ballet 
Dancing Bear. First, go see Sebastian. Sebastian appears to be 
saddened by something. Talk to him and he’ll begin to show you his 
act, consisting of him juggling 3 juggling clubs, and one red ball. 
This proves unsuccessful, as he messes up. The ball appears to be 
what’s stumping him. Putt-Putt offers to find his 4th juggling club, 
to which Sebastian thanks him. Exit the green curtain and enter the 
red one at the right. Here, you’ll meet Belobrodnik the Ballet 
Dancing Bear. He appears to be having some trouble with an itch. 
Click on him and he’ll ask if you’ve come to see him dance. He’ll 
tell someone to take a break, but there appears to be no one else 
around. Putt-Putt asks who he’s talking to, with which he replies is 
a bunch of fleas. That’s where they’ve gone off to! Putt-Putt 
suggests that he find Phillipe and talk to him, to see if they’ll 
leave Belobrodnik’s fur and return to their home for their act. Click 
on the magnifying glass and drag it over to Belobrodnik. For this, 
you’ll have to search around for Phillipe. Using the four arrows on 
the north, west, east, and south ends of the magnifying glass, you 
can move the lens to try and find Phillipe. Phillipe has a gold 
tooth, which differentiates him from the other fleas. When you find 
him, click on him! Phillipe will talk to you and explain that he’s 
dissatisfied with his circus tent and that it’s simply not up to par 
with his superior status. Putt-Putt promises to find a new tent for 
them and invites them to come with him, so that they may let 
Belobrodnik dance in peace. Phillipe is delighted to go, but says 
that they need someone with fur to carry them safely around. The only 
one we know that has fur is Pep, much to his disdain. With that, the 
fleas leave Belobrodnik and nest on Pep. For your help, Belobrodnik 
thanks you and goes back to performing his dance for the show.

[8] Part 5- Do You Have Authorization?
[8.1] Do You Have Authorization?
If you continue from to the right of Belobrodnik’s room, you’ll be 
back outside where an elephant is painting. Talk to him and Putt-Putt 
will discover that it’s Baby Jambo, the young elephant he rescued at 
the Car Town Zoo (from Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo). He’s much older and 
is here at the circus for the summer with his mother, Mama Mombasa. 
He’s also taken an interest in painting. With that also in mind, he 
can paint Putt-Putt any of the six colors beside him; yellow, orange, 
purple, blue, red, and green. This is completely optional. However, 
pick up that shred of paper on the ground. It’s part of a recipe, but 
you’ll need to find the other half to figure out what it is. Head 
back through the tent to the big top. Go through the exit at the top 
left and you’ll come to a fork in the road. However, you won’t be 
able to pass beyond this point because a security car will stop you. 
Click on him and he’ll introduce himself as Hank and explain how he 
retired from police work to be a security guard at the circus. From 
there, if you try to go past him, he’ll stop you and say that you 
need security clearance before you can go down either path. Putt-Putt 
asks how he can get security clearance. Hank hands him a packet of 
documents that can be signed by BJ Sweeney for security clearance. 
Head back to the front gate and give those documents to BJ Sweeney. 
He’ll gladly sign them and return them to you. Now, go back to Hank 
and show him. He’ll check them and allow you to pass, finally. You 
can now go backstage anytime you want. 

[9] Part 6- Trouble Backstage
[9.1] Trouble Backstage
At this point, you can go either way backstage, but for this 
walkthrough, I’ll start with the path on the right. Head down that 
way and you’ll see the three pigs known as The Flying Porkowskis. 
They don’t appear to be preparing for their act. Talk to them to find 
out what’s up. It turns out that they don’t have a safety net for 
their act, and refuse to perform without one. They haven’t been able 
to find it since they arrived in Apple Valley. It’ll come up along 
the way. For now, head to the left where the tight rope (or “high-
wire”) is. You’ll notice that one of the ropes is tight, while the 
other is hanging loose. Talk to the unicycle. Her name is Eunice and 
she’s having trouble with her umbrella. She’ll need a new umbrella 
that’s larger. You’ll have to reach her from the other side. Head 
back down to the ground and enter the tent The Flying Porkowskis are 
sitting outside of. Inside is a bandwagon by the name of Bette. She 
looks pretty sad, so talk to her. She’ll ask if you know anything 
about music (don’t worry, this isn’t complicated). Her problem is 
that her organ pipes are mixed up and one is being plugged by a 
translation book. For this, you’ll need to arrange the pipes from the 
lowest note to the highest note. Click on her pipes and you’ll see 
eight pipes. Below them are buttons which play the note for that 
specific pipe. This is so you have an idea of what note is where. If 
the pipe is in the right spot, the note’s button will turn green. If 
it’s wrong, the button will turn red. The green button in the bottom 
left corner will play what the result is supposed to sound like, 
while the blue “Play” button plays the pipe pattern you currently 
have. When the pipes are arranged correctly, the notes will play and 
you’ll have helped Bette! With the pattern correct, Bette plays well 
enough that the translation book dislodges itself from her piping. 
The translation book is apparently for the “Honkish” language, this 
will come in handy later. Bette will mention that the book will 
definitely come in handy if we meet Honko the Clown, as that’s the 
language he speaks. Honko will be seen later. A microphone will come 
down above Bette. This can activate a song, which is optional to 
listen to. When you’re ready, head up the path at the right towards 
the cannon. At the top is Katie Cannonball, who appears to be upset 
by something. Talk to her and she’ll hope that you’ve come to help. 
Apparently, she’s having a hard time setting up her cannon, because 
she’s forgotten how. If the coordinates to the cannon aren’t fixed, 
Katie Cannonball would likely fly off to the wrong spot. Putt-Putt 
asks how to set it up. According to Katie, she has a blueprint of 
coordinates that show how the cannon should be set. However, she 
doesn’t know where the blueprint is. Luckily, it’s not too far, but 
unluckily, it’s unreachable for now. Head down the path at the left 
and you’ll come to a large diving pool with a hippo standing at the 
top of the diving board. If you talk to her, Putt-Putt will recognize 
her as Francine the High Diving Hippo. She appears to be muttering 
that her suit is too tight, as well as the pool below her seems to be 
empty. She adds that if the pool were filled, the water would just 
leak out of the hole near the bottom. The hole should be shaped in 
the form of a circle, a triangle, or a square. This hole has to be 
patched, so make your way back to the big top tent. Head back to the 
tent at the right and enter the room with the purple curtain, where 
the wood-cutting machine is. Hopefully, you’ll have remembered the 
shape of the hole. On the machine are three buttons shaped like a 
circle, a square, and a triangle. Unfortunately, there isn’t a 
working saw on the machine. Because of this, we’ll need to find one!

[10] Part 7- Honko’s Nose
[10.1] Honko’s Nose
Return to the fork in the road by Hank and take the left path we 
didn’t take before. Lying on the ground in front of one of the 
trailers is an umbrella. Pick it up as you’ll need it later. Proceed 
to the left and you’ll find Honko’s trailer. Click on the Honkish 
translation book and drag it to Honko’s silhouette. Putt-Putt will 
use the book to translate Honko’s language. After a few failed 
attempts at figuring it out, Putt-Putt will finally figure out that 
Honko is missing his nose. There’s a mini-game involving making a 
funny clown face on the crate beside Honko’s trailer, but it’s 
optional. Proceed to the left and you’ll come to another fork in the 
road. But, first pick up the trampoline. You’ll need it! Head down 
the path at the right and you’ll come to Marvin the Marvelous’ 
trailer. He’s in distress. Talk to him and you’ll find that his card 
trick isn’t working because his cards are all out of order and they 
must be matched in pairs. This is basically just a game of flipping 
over the cards and matching them in pairs. One card will be left. One 
with a juggling club on it! Marvin explains that the match for that 
card was lost long ago, but maybe he could materialize it into a real 
juggling club. For your help, you’ve finally gotten a juggling club! 
Return to the tent beside the big top and give this club to 
Sebastian. With a 4th juggling club, Sebastian can finally juggle and 
not be tripped up by the red ball. Click on the red ball, and 
Sebastian will let you have it. This may not be a ball after all, as 
there is a hole in it. Maybe this could be given to Honko! Go to 
Honko’s trailer and select the red ball, then click on him. He’ll 
gladly take the ball, which acts as a perfect replacement for his 
nose. Honko’s act is saved!

[11] Part 8- A Plan for Katie
[11.1] A Plan for Katie
With one act saved, there’s still four more to go! Head back to the 
top of the hill where Katie is and take that path to the left of 
where Francine’s pool is. Place the trampoline from your inventory 
into the ditch separating the two small ledges. This way, Putt-Putt 
can make it across! As you continue forward, you’ll meet Ivan the 
Semi-Strong Van. If you talk to him, you’ll find that he’s having 
trouble because he isn’t very strong and the one ton weight is on top 
of Katie’s blueprint! In order to boost his strength, Ivan needs 
Pectoro the Strong Van’s original power-shake recipe. But he can’t 
find the recipe anywhere. Luckily, we already have one piece! All 
that’s left is the other half. But first, proceed to the right to 
find the other side of the high wire. Ride up to meet Eunice up 
close. Click on the umbrella in your inventory and give it to her, 
she’ll trade you her smaller umbrella. With the new one, her balance 
is greatly improved! All we have to do now is fix the rope. Click on 
the green lever and both Putt-Putt and Eunice will tighten the rope. 
With both ropes tightened, Putt-Putt can now drive across and reach 
the other side without having to go all the way around. Return to the 
other side and go down the left path at the fork in the road. Keep 
going down the left past the fruit stand and you’ll come to an area 
with a shed and a large elephant sleeping on a net. First, enter the 
shed and you’ll find both a saw, as well as the other piece to the 
recipe. It’s a double-win! Take both and return outside to where the 
elephant is. She seems to be deep in sleep, but we have something 
that will definitely wake her up. Click the peanuts and then click on 
her. The scent of the peanuts is enough to awaken the elephant from 
her sleep. She’ll recognize Putt-Putt from the Car Town Zoo, as she 
is Baby Jambo’s mother, Mama Mombasa. After a brief discussion with 
her, she’ll have tossed her hammock off to the side. But her hammock 
appears to be a net, which probably belongs to The Flying Porkowskis! 
Click on it and Mama Mombasa will let you take it. Next, head back to 
the fruit stand with the recipe. Follow the recipe’s instructions to 
make Pectoro’s power-shake. After completing the shake, take the 
high-wire across to reach Ivan back on the ground. Give him the 
power-shake and he’ll drink it, achieving newfound strength and 
confidence. Ivan is so strong that he can pick up that one ton that’s 
holding down the blueprint. Take the blueprint and return to Katie. 
Give the blueprints to Katie back at the top of the hill. Katie will 
thank you and ask if you could help set up the cannon. Click the 
blueprints on the cannon and set the numbers to unlock the cannon. 
Afterward, press the correct colored button, which will unlock the 
launch button. Press that to finish the job! The cannon will be 
loaded with a sack of potatoes and will fire. If done correctly, the 
sack will hit the target! Katie will thank Putt-Putt for all his help 
and reward him with a kiss before getting ready for her act. Another 
act saved!

[12] Part 9- The Fleas’ New Home
[12.1] The Fleas’ New Home
Go back to the big top and you’ll find Honko and Katie already there, 
practicing for tonight. Click on the fleas’ table and replace the 
wrecked umbrella with the new one from Eunice. Finally satisfied with 
their new home, Phillipe and the fleas will come off of Pep and 
prepare for their act. That means that there’s three acts saved and 
two to go!

[13] Part 10- Costume Mix-Up
[13.1] Costume Mix-Up
Now that we have a saw, we can go to the wood-cutting machine in the 
tent next to the big top! Enter the room with the purple curtain and 
give the saw to the wood-cutting machine. Select the button with the 
correct shape of the leak and the machine will do the rest! With the 
block, we can return to Francine’s pool and block that hole. Click on 
the block and then click the hole to patch it up. The pool can now be 
filled so that Francine can dive. After filling with water, Francine 
will dive and meet Putt-Putt at the bottom. Give her the large 
swimsuit from Reginald and she’ll trade you, seeing that her current 
outfit is very tight on her. She’ll change into her swimsuit and 
wring out what appears to be Reginald’s costume. Take it and return 
to the tent beside the big top. Click on the costume and then click 
on Reginald. Gladly, Reginald will take the costume and put it on, 
finally ready to practice his act. At last, we only have one act left 
to save!
[14] Part 11- When Pigs Fly!
[14.1] When Pigs Fly!
The net that Mama Mombasa borrowed is the safety net that belongs to 
The Flying Porkowskis! Return to the tent on the right path at the 
fork in the road and click on the tent. Give it to them and they’ll 
declare that “The Flying Porkowskis are back!” And with that, The 
Flying Porkowskis go to the big top to practice their performances 
for tonight’s show. The circus is saved!

[15] Part 12- The Show Must Go On!
[15.1] The Show Must Go On!
With all the acts saved, the circus is finally ready for its grand 
opening tonight! Cars are lined up outside and filing to get the best 
seats inside for the show. BJ Sweeney announces the grand opening and 
gives a very special thank you to Putt-Putt (and you, by extension) 
for helping get the circus ready and saving the show! For this 
portion of the game, you can choose to play two of the mini-games. 
The left sign brings you to a pie-throwing mini-game and the right 
brings you to a trampoline game. The pie-throwing involves using the 
mouse to turn Putt-Putt and the left-clicking to throw the pie at the 
various clowns. The trampoline game involves using the mouse to move 
the trampoline platforms as Putt-Putt ascends into the air by 
bouncing and popping balloons. You can play both games as much as 
you’d like, but if you’d just like to end the game and see the main 
acts, press the red button in the center. Katie Cannonball, Reginald, 
Terri, and Marie, Phillipe the Flea, The Flying Porkowskis, and Honko 
the Clown will all do their acts before Honko throws a pie at the 
screen, triggering the credits. The credits will roll and you can 
choose to stop and end the game or replay the game. The choice is 

[16] Final Word
[16.1] Final Word
This ends my walkthrough of Putt-Putt Joins the Circus. This game was 
definitely much easier to make a guide for than Pajama Sam (another 
Humongous Entertainment franchise), since Putt-Putt doesn’t have 
randomly generated gameplay. I hope this guide was helpful enough to 
bring the game to completion for anyone that needs it and I hope to 
get started on my next walkthrough sometime soon. Summer vacation is 
good for that! ^^

Til next time! Thanks! 
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