Puss in Boots: The Video Game

  • Released on Oct 25, 2011
  • By THQ for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS

Puss in Boots: The Video Game Trophies

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
The Cat's Whiskers (Platinum)All other trophies have been collected
Always Land On My Feet (Bronze)Complete a best of three team challenge
Adios, Amigo (Bronze)Boot an enemy into a trap
Ole! (Bronze)Block an enemy attack
Touché! (Bronze)Perform a deflect
Scratch That (Bronze)Perform a Claw Frenzy
Pet Peeved (Bronze)Defeat 3 enemies with one guitar attack
Virtuoso (Bronze)Play every guitar tune
These Eyes Tell No Lies (Gold)Discover every type of trap
Holy Frijoles (Silver)Defeat 20 enemies using the guitar
Looking Sharp (Silver)Defeat 10 enemies using Claw Frenzy
Over Easy (Silver)Collect all nine golden egg pieces
Pray for Mercy (Silver)Collect all nine wanted posters
Light On My Feet (Silver)Perform a perfect sneak
Copycat (Silver)Perform a perfect shape-match
Well Balanced (Silver)Perform a perfect balance
Feisty Feline (Silver)Get a high score in Market Mayhem
Purrfecto (Silver)Get a high score in Barrel Barrage
Viva Gato! (Silver)Get a high score in Shape It Up!
Real Cats Wear Boots (Silver)Get a high score in Bandit Boot
Such Moves, Such Handsomeness (Silver)Get a perfect time in the Beanstalk
Don't Desert Me (Silver)Get a perfect time in the Canyon
Care to Dance-Fight? (Silver)Perform a perfect dance in the Cantina
Purrrrrrfecto Score (Silver)Serenade three different senoritas with a perfect score
Swashbuckler (Bronze)Bronze medal on every level
Hero (Silver)Silver medal on every level
Legendary (Gold)Gold medal on every level
Secret Trophies-
I Thirst for Leche (Bronze)Complete The Thieves' Bar
Me-ow! (Bronze)Serenade a senorita
En Garde (Bronze)Defeat the cat lover
Check Me Out (Bronze)Complete The Hotel
Born With Cat-Like Moves (Bronze)Complete The Chase
Nice Moves, Senor (Bronze)Complete The Cantina
Stage Complete (Bronze)Complete The Stagecoach Robbery
I Flirt With Danger (Bronze)Rock a pig back to sleep. Only in Adventure Mode.
Wild Goose Chased (Bronze)Complete The Giant's Castle
Conquistator of the Clouds (Bronze)Complete The Beanstalk
This Cat is En Fuego (Bronze)Complete The Mine
Danger Is My Name (Bronze)Complete The Great Terror
All I Need Are My Boots, Baby! (Gold)Complete the game