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Pursuit of Justice


Pursuit Force...a mix between Grand Theft Auto, Syphon Filter/ Metal Gear Solid, Gangs of London and an sort of fast-paced racing game that includes fast cars, hardcore SUVs, motorcycles, buses and speed boats. It also adds a cool touch of a mini-gun in a helicopter. So, you're a new hot shot cop in Captital City, trying to protect the city from crime from 5 gangs. You ain't the police. You're the Pursuit Force. You're armed with high-tech weapons, a car, motorbike, a chopper to ride in that is flown by a hot chick and the ability to jump from one car, motorcycle, bike or bus, to the other....


The Pursuit of happiness

The good:

Excellent graphics, real sense of speed, the combination of racing and shooting works really well.

The bad:

Brutal difficulty can only save after each mission.


I have heard one of the reasons for the delay of this game to come out in he US is because of game balance issues. This maybe due to the fact that what could be a classic game is all but ruined by a ruthless beat the clock ethic.

If this is fixed for the US market adjust the rating to a 4.5. If it isn't be prepared to throw your PSP at walls in frustration.

The game is simplicity itself, you are a cop chasing bad guys (and girls) you drive vehicles and can shoot at bad guys in other cars. The really cool bit is when you're in close you can leap (in ways that would make neo blush) from your ca...

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