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[edit] Background

Pump It Up: Exceed is the first game in the Korean dancing series Pump It Up to come on a console besides the PC. This is a remake of the fifth Pump It Up arcade game, Pump It Up: Exceed. The series began in 1999 and, although machines were only released in Korea, where the game was made, many units exist worldwide. New songs will be playable in this version that were not in the arcade as well.

[edit] Gameplay

Pump It Up is a dancing/rhythm game that everybody will enjoy, but it is a little different than its competition games, In The Groove, and Dance Dance Revolution. In Dance Dance Revolution, you just had four arrows that pointed in the north, south, east, and west directions. However, Im Pump It Up, the arrows are shifted forty five degrees counter clockwise, and they are in the corner of the dance pad. There are two red arrows in the front of the mat, and in the back of the mat, there are two blue arrows. And then you have a yellow center step that you normally stand on. Freeze arrows also play a little differently than DDR and ITG. In DDR, you only get one point for holding a single arrow. In Pump It Up, you get two points per beat. So overall, Pump It Up will give the fans a challenge that some have been dying for.

[edit] Features

  • Songs - The PlayStation 2 version includes 101 songs.
  • Difficulty Levels - There are 5 levels. NORMAL, HARD, CRAZY, FREESTYLE, and NIGHTMARE. Note: FREESTYLE and NIGHTMARE are one player, two mat modes. Two Player Mode is available in NORMAL, HARD, and CRAZY.
  • Modifiers - Modifiers allow you to change how the game is played. There are twelve kinds of modifiers including hidden modifiers.Example of Modifiers:

- Velocity (Arrow speed will increase by 2, 3, 4 or 8 times.)
- Mirror (Arrows are displayed backwards. It will be useful, if you are performing with your back to the screen for an audience.)
- Vanish (Arrows will disappear halfway up the screen.).

  • Unlock System - Some songs, modes and modifiers are either locked or hidden.
  • Internet Rankings: Do well in the game and you get a 16 digit code so you can register the score online and compete with players all over the world.
  • Bigger Music Selection: PIU features more music and a wider selection of music to choose from than other dance games. Included are popular dance tracks from Grammy nominees Crystal Method and Steriogram, Elvis vs Junkie XL, Sugarhill Gang and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Additionally, there is a large selection of K-Pop (Korean Pop) songs featuring well-known Korean acts like BoA and CLON, Latin music, and music from the Pump It Up 'house' band, Banya.
  • The game offers one player, one mat modes, two players two mat modes, and uniquely, one player two mat modes.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pump It Up Controller, Online Adaptor, Broadband Internet Service

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    • Aug 17, 2005 (PS2)
    • Q2 2007 (PSP)
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