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[edit] Background

You are a prophet. Prophet Angie - though she had better things planned - has to jump in and try to prevent the New York of 2022 from destruction through nuclear weapon bombardment. She must seek and destroy the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, an ancient machine from antique Babylon. Chaos grows at a rapid pace and you must stop it all.

[edit] Gameplay

Psychotoxic confronts the player with two totally different worlds. Parts of the game take place in modern New York. Angie will have to fight her way through Brooklyn, Manhattan, a museum, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and some other exciting locations. Along with this, she will have to use her magic powers, to dive into the subconsciousness oft some key characters to continue the fight against the evil there.

A cartoon level, a zombie plant, a medieval village, and more dark dream worlds are where Angie has to fight her most dreadful enemies to aquire important informations that are deep in the characters' minds.

Featuring 21 real-scenatrio levels and 8 differently themed dream-levels to create a wide range of adventure, with over ninty different enemies to fight.

[edit] Features

  • Strong physics engine (ODE). Nearly everything could be either shot to pieces or be kicked around or both. Make a mess from formerly neat and proper shelfs.
  • High performance, high poly-output Trinigy Vision Engine
  • Use of DirectX9 Shaders (Reflections, Refractions, Normalmapping)
  • An impressive armoury, with many desired choices
  • Magic powers (Slowmotion, Telepathy and more)
  • A tight high-tension story, telling the ultimate fight between good and evil.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Feb 20, 2004
  • Australia: Aug 16, 2005
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