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Jun 29, 15 6:40am
how can i get a tag prtner at the end of part 1? YuGiOhGXTagForce PSP
Jun 28, 15 10:59pm
Does anyone have MHFU on ppsspp want to play? im HR 9 and love to use Yamatsuyakami armor. MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
Jun 24, 15 6:08am
7.5 out of 10, this game is alright!!!!! CrashBandicootMindOverMutant PS2
Duncan Idaho
Jun 17, 15 11:19am

wrote a user review for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PSP)


Megaman Marverick Hunter X is peharps the most unexpected of the remakes we saw ever produced, and...

Duncan Idaho
Jun 16, 15 2:27pm

wrote a user review for Nayuta no Kiseki (Import) (PSP)


Nayuta no Kiseki was a game produced and published by Falcom on 2012, its a wonderful blend...

Duncan Idaho
Jun 16, 15 2:24pm

wrote a user review for Grand Knights History (Import) (PSP)


Grand Knights History was one of the most hyped Vanillaware titles, after all we had gems such as...

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has achieved critical acclaim for setting new standards in a variety of... posted Jun 12, 15 10:22am

Jun 09, 15 7:06pm
Can you get to the fourth island, marry and bring people back to life on the ds version? TheSims2Castaway DS
Jun 09, 15 4:56am
The game is good, but I am stuck on the first Brian level. Please help!!!! FamilyGuy PS2