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My Ice Silver slim PSP

The good:

-Good looking
-Good battery life (From what I've seen so far)
-Buttons feel better than the original's
-Screen looks better than the original's
-Speakers sound better and in a better position than the original's

The bad:

-Glossy back


As some may recall, I couldn't decide between a silver slim, black slim, or white slim. Each had something I wanted badly. The 2 reasons I went with silver were basically 1) I liked the bundle a LOT and 2) When you buy an extended battery life kit, you only get silver and black covers, not white ones.

I must say, I couldn't be happier with it. I haven't tested out battery life yet, but I've watched about 1 1/2 hours of a UMD movie on it and battery life (Of the extended life battery) is still at 66%. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself.

Also, it is MUCH lighter than I thought it would be, y...




The reason why I bought a PSP is because I started a security job at night, the job was only for a week but it gave me a great excuse to buy a PSP.

First off I'll start with the bad about the system.
Yes, the screen is easily dirtied with finger prints. But there really is no way around that unless you make sure never ever to touch the screen.

The sensitive shoulder buttons were indeed annoying when watching a UMD. Whenever I accidentally hit off the L button the movie would skip a chapter. However that was thankfully rectified with an Update letting you turn off the shoulder buttons during UM...


PlayStation Portable

The good:

- It's fairly small and lightweight, fitting into most of your pockets.
- You can mute or turn off the LCD screen easily.
- Turns on and off fairly quick.
- Volume is good. Not too loud at the maximum.
- Memory Card is nice and small.
- Feels nice in your hands and fits comfortably.
- Internet, Videos, Photos, Music anf Games is great for this system!

The bad:

- The screen or the whole system overall can be smudged with fingerprints easily.
- The battery life by hours is inaccurate.
- The earbuds that come with it are short and if you attach it to the extension, it won't be compatiable with another MP3 player.
- If put it on the "hold" button, it is slightly hard to put it back so it's not on hold without turning it off accidentally.
- The guide book annot be helpful at times, as it doesn't tell you some stuff. i.e. Where do you save your videos when using a USB Port?
- It doesn't come with a USB Port or a Memory Card Duo Reader/Writer.
- Buttons are too sensetive. You can barely touch a button and it will work.


When i got the PSP I was thrilled. I actually won it, so i was excitied. I opened it and loved the whole look about it. It felt very comfortable in my ahnds when I held it. Then I took them off, only to find dirty fingerprints on it, even though my hands were sparkly clean. I guess black shouldn't really be PSP's colour, but all PlayStations are black so I guess it had to be. Not a good choice though. All the time you see brownish white fingerprints on the black face or screen, smudges on the top. When I read the manual it made sense, but then it said I could use a USB port instead of buyin...

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