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[edit] Background

The PSP (PlayStation®Portable) has a slim 6.7" x 2.9" frame that packs a powerful multimedia punch, enabling you to enjoy your favorite games, music, videos and photos instantly, anywhere. Factor in the PSP system's brilliant high-resolution screen and cutting-edge wireless connectivity and Internet Browser – and you may just have a revolution in your hands.

[edit] Features

  • Photos: Using the Memory Stick Duo, you can store your digital photos, create custom wallpapers and share your favorite photos with the image transfer feature. And, thanks to the vibrant high-resolution screen, your memories will always be sharp and clear.
  • Music: Download your favorite MP3, MP4, WAV or ATRAC3plus music files to your PSP system via the Memory Stick Duo—or take in a full-length concert or behind-the-scenes footage on a pre-recorded UMD.
  • Video: Transfer UMD and MP4 videos and more to your Memory Stick Duo or watch full-length movies on a pre-recorded UMD. It's all the excitement of the big screen, now sized to take anywhere.
  • Games: The PSP system's dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life. Whether reaching your personal best or locked in wireless combat, you'll have the freedom to play wherever—and whenever—you like.
  • Internet: Surf the World Wide Web using the Internet browser whenever you are in an Internet-accessible location.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Dimensions:Approximately 6.7 in (W) x 2.9 in (H) x .9 in (D) Weight: Approximately 280g / .62 lbs (including battery) CPU: PSP CPU (System clock frequency 1 - 333MHz) Main Memory: 32MB Embeded DRAM: 4MB Display: 4.3 inch, 16:9 Wide screen TFT LCD, 480 x 272 pixel, 16.77 million colors, Maximum luminance 180 / 130 / 80cd/m2 (when using battery pack), Maximum luminance 200 / 180 / 130 / 80cd/m2 (when using AC adaptor) Sound: Built-in stereo speakers Main Input/Output: IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi), USB 2.0 (mini-B), Memory Stick Duo, Infrared Port Disc Drive: UMD Drive (Read only), Main Connectors:Memory Stick Duo Slot, USB connector, DC IN 5V connector, Headset connector Keys/Switches: Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), Analog Stick, Enter keys (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), Left, Right shoulder buttons x 1, START button, SELECT button, HOME button x 1, POWER/HOLD switch x 1, Display button, Sound button, Volume +/- buttons x 1, Wireless LAN switch (ON/OFF) x 1, OPEN latch (UMD) x 1 Power: Lithium-ion Battery, AC Adaptor Profile: PSP Game, UMD Audio (profile name TBD), UMD Video (profile name TBD) Codec: [Video]: "UMD": H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile Level3, [Video]: "Memory Stick": MPEG-4 SP,AAC, [Music]: "UMD": linear PCM,ATRAC3plus, [Music]: "Memory Stick": ATRAC3plus,MP3(MPEG1/2 Layer3) Security: (Encryption) 128bit AES (Copyright protection technology) MagicGate Access control: Region, Parental Control Wireless communications: IEEE802.11bInfrastructure mode: Ad hoc mode (connection up to 16 consoles)

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Latest Activity

gerard way owns you
Jan 31, 09 9:05am
This is my Ipod. It is a very sturdy and well made system. PlayStationPortableHardware
Twin_Master blogged
Jan 26, 09 12:07pm

Well, sadly, I have less than 12 hours before I return back to school for my last year. It's been a great holiday, finished off with a miserable NeoRaffle. Most recently, I've accomplished at personal achievement.
My friend Sean visited yesterday, and I used my PSP to Pandora his, allowing him access to Homebrew. A momentus day, considering I had to search the internet to allow my Phat to convert his Slim, managing to find a universal unbricker.
It was a great day.

And now, for the highlight of the blog, some new info.
After much deliberation, I've decided on the main character/s. I decided to go with the cliche 4 man team, with 3 seeming to be too little and 5 too many.
Not much detail will be released yet except for this.

The main character is a white male, unemployed, bearded with lots of experience in smaller jobs.

Supporting characters (which will be introduced at an unannounced point in the novel) are:

Male Asian Paramedic.
Female Stunt performer.
Australian cattle rustler.

This is just a rough overview so far, and the characters could make a radical change over the course of the story.

musingsthoughts books
Krunal blogged
Jan 19, 09 11:11pm

Trophies for the Playstation 3 has been incredibly successful, and has helped them to a small extent gain some ground on Microsoft's XBOX360. However, I don't believe that games a lone will help Sony become the market leader like they did with the PS2.

They unlike Microsoft, have an advantage in the market which they've not sapped into fully, and that advantage is obviously the Playstation Portable. So how exactly can Sony use the Playstation Portable to help it out? Simple, at the moment trophies/achievements are restricted STRICTLY to the two next-gen consoles: PS3 and XBOX360 respectively.

So what better a move would it be for Sony to take the next step, and make it so that PSP games also have Trophies? That's right, I'm suggesting getting Trophies for PSP games.

Not just that, but make people create accounts like with the PS3 (not sure if it can be done already or not... still a few more months till I get my PSP), and link it to a PSN Account. Then the player can earn trophies in games by doing whatever task is necessary, and then they can either go online to resync it with the network, or connect the PSP to the PS3 and have it resync with the PS3 (which if connected online, will resync with the network).

That's not all... best of all I think that the trophies you gain should be attached to the same account. So if I have say, Resistance 2 trophies on my PS3, and Resistance: Retribution Trophies on my PSP, when sync'd with the server, I should be able to attach them to my Playstation Network account.

At the moment Microsoft doesn't have a hand-held system, and Nintendo wont be doing anything like this, so why not make the first move and make trophies go over two platforms. I'm sure Microsoft will do it eventually (and far sooner than Sony) with the next XBOX, so why don't Sony beat them to the punch and make their hand-held system allow trophies?

There are absolutely no problems with this that I can think off besides the high piracy issue, in which case they can maybe add some form of check to make sure that you only get the trophies as long as you've actually got the game and aren't running it off the memory card (unless it's a game downloaded from the PSN Store).

Then all the games that are multi-platform on the PSN store (I mean PS3/PSP compatible), you can essentially play as the game for trophies at home, then when going out, resync the PSP, transfer the save and carry on getting the trophies when your out.

So guys and girls, what do you think?

playstation 3 playstation portable playstation portable ps3 psp trophies
Dec 19, 08 1:07am
ice silver baby yeahhh!! PlayStationPortableHardware
Twin_Master blogged
Nov 29, 08 6:51am

Well, many people have asked or even heard about my PSP story. Alas, it is a story that has put me through much angst over the past 2 months and I've been having to explain it constantly, as people have become confused over my immediate change of heart during this issue. Keep reading and you'll soon find out.
    One cool Wednesday night - (22nd September 2008)
I was sitting in my room, the very same place that I now blogging from. As usual, I was playing around on the internet and on my PSP. Was getting pretty bored with the default theme so I decided to do a flash0 file change to give it a bit of pizzazz. I managed to change it without hassle. Success! Now it fits in with my Half-Life 2 wallpaper. But really, I didn't feel like keeping it at the time, so I tried to change it back. Then came the big mistake.
I stupidly decided to delete my flash0 files then re-transfer the originals which I had backed up. Stupid. I shouldn't have *bleep*ed around with it in the first place. So, once I had done that, I restarted my PSP.
A big blank screen.

"HOLY *bleep*! I JUST BRICKED MY *bleep*ING PSP!"

I then rushed to get my brother's PSP and tried to install a Pandora battery with it, to at least save my baby. I got as far as the installer, but the screen kept saying (Game could not be started).
I almost shit a brick.
After about an hour of mourning, I realised that the guy at school who had originally put custom firmware on it could probably help fix it. So I decided to put it in my bag and bring it to school the next day.
    That Thursday morning - (23rd September 2008)
So I woke up, still pissed of at my PSP. Got ready for school as usually and caught the train there, as usual. Immediately I went searching for my friend (Ross, the PSP guy). I told him my predicament and he said he'd help out. Unbeknownst to me, this was one mistake I would not make again...
    5 *bleep*ing weeks later - (26th November 2008)
After almost 5 god forsaken weeks away from my PSP, I had finally pester him enough to bring it to school to give to me, which I got that afternoon at the end of school. 5 weeks. I'd been getting excuses about him not having time or it just barely working, but I didn't expect it to take 5 weeks.
Upon receiving it, he cheerfully exclaimed that it was safe on firmware 1.50, so I happily walked off with my PSP to catch the train, whilst he sped off in his car. I turned it on, but nothing. it was still *bleep*ing bricked.
"Argh, *bleep*, how am I going to sort this out!? Never going to trust him again. At least I have my PSP back. At least!"
So, on the way home, with my bricked PSP in my bag, I contemplated my options for getting it fixed. It was a somewhat vast list:
    Plan A - Get Ross to fix it
    Plan B - Use brother's PSP
    Plan C - Use other friends PSP
    Plan D - Buy Pandora battery from eBay
    Plan E - Send PSP to Ville_Valo
Within a few hours of deducing this list and talking to friends over MSN, I quickly eliminated. All plans but plan E.
"Shit, I guess I AM going to have to pay some moolah after all"
I started talking to Ville_Valo about the predicament. He offered to send over a battery instead of me sending my PSP. A good compromise only I didn't have any money. We also had a nice chat on the side as well. But, as I browsed youtube as well, some Pandora guides caught my fancy. I told Ville to just consider it, as i left the conversation (As he went to bed)
Looking at the vids, I was still determined to have another crack at Pandora'n it again. Too bad I didn't have a Sony 1gb stick. Luckily another friend did, so a quick chat help me to trade my Sandisk for his Sony. So, I was all set for one last try the next day, before all hope was lost.
    A New Hope [Trademark LucasArt] - (27th November 2008)
Good ol' reliable Sean had my Sony 1gb ready and waiting. The day say me as anxious all through school. I got home as fast as I possible could. Began looking over my Pandora Guides, and getting all the firmware I need, as well as the special apps to use it. I began the arduous task at 4pm that afternoon, secluding myself in the study. A prompt 2 hours later (Due to the slowness of our only XP computer, which was required for the Pandora) I finally had my success.
I was ecstatic and overjoyed. I had fixed my PSP. I let it be known trough Neoseeker and MSN. Lots of people congratulated me and I thanked them, also thanking those who had so whole heartedly offered support and assistance. Thanks so much guys. Thanks to Machienzo (My Bro) letting me use his PSP in the process.
    The following events
The following few days saw me make many changes to my PSP and play some of my long untouched and missed games. I would indulge on this, but it is better left for another blog...

psp twin_master brick sony pandora playstation portable musingsthoughts technology gaming related
Apr 17, 08 5:17pm
Dusty. PlayStationPortableHardware
Feb 14, 08 9:13pm

As some may recall, I couldn't decide between a silver slim, black slim, or white...

Aug 3, 07 9:54am
only outmatched by the wii and the 360 PlayStationPortableHardware
Jul 11, 07 3:45pm
To be honost I find this handheld kinda boring... PlayStationPortableHardware
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