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Find a spread needle effortlessly
Play the endless nightmare ruins quest online with a Purplenum ID and they drop from Merlans, you will find a Spread Needle on average about every 7 or 8 quests probably.
Frying Pan
First thing to get the frying pan, you need to complete all quests. After this go to Secret Delivery quest and talk to a big man outside the hunters guild. He will talk to you about "WEAPONS". Go complete the quest then go to Claiming Stakes. Here you will find another "WEAPONS" member who will accept you. After they do, go and complete the quest. It is the same for all the following quests: The value of money, the lost bride, and the gran squal. After you complete the gran squal quest, you will need to go back to Secret Delivery and talk to the same man. He will tell you to go speak to the leader who is next to the bank. She is the one who will give you the frying pan.

Quests needed for this tip: Secret Delivery, Claiming Stakes, The Value of Money, The Lost Bride, and Gran Squal.
How to get the Chainsawd
You have to have a character on Ultimate with the Skyly ID and they need to be able to do Caves on Ultimate reasonably well. You get them from killing Vulmers and the drop rate is 1 in every 1050 Vulmers you kill.

Obtain Soul Eater
Kill Kireek in an offline quest and he will give up his prized Soul Eater.
Strange Ending (Retired Hunter)
Okay,everybody should be familiar with the ending to the Hunter Guild Mission - "The Retired Hunter". But what some of you may not know is that there's an interesting addition to the storyline for episode II from episode I. Well,it's like this,after you finish the mission,and you're done running around collecting items you didn't have time to retrieve during the mission. Telepipe back to Pioneer 2 and talk to Alicia Baz (Force chick in the gold outfit). After your conversation,a chime will be heard. now go to the MAIN TELEPORTER GATE and Forest 2 will be unlocked. Head to forest 2 and go straight to the Weather Observation device by the river. There will be a message log from Heathcliff Flowen. Heathcliff will tell you about Donoph and Zoke. It may not be all that important,but it creeped me out when i first read the message. Enojy! I'll post more facts here if I'm allowed to.
Tips for Fighting against big groups and cave monsters
Ok some people have trouble fighting big groups but there are many ways to take down a big group. First thing is to not let yourself get surrounded, because if you let yourself get surrounded you will have to either heal alot or use techniques... Another thing to do is to attack one enemy of the group if they are all aproaching you from the same direction and run backwards which usually makes the whole group except for the one who you attacked walk away giving you the perfect opportunity to use ur heavy attack to finish the opponent off. Ok when you are in the caves there are many annoying monsters like the little dragons that fly away why you get near them. My strategy for beating them always works. Have your BARTA attack customized so it is easy to use. Don't get to near to the dragon lock on to him and continuously preform the BARTA attack depending on your level is how easy it is to kill him usually for a level 15 it takes 10 attacks. If you have any questions just email me


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99 Fluids/Mates/Atomizers
In this game you can get x99 of any item that you can carry x10 eg Monomates would work but Weapons, armours, slots, materials will not.

Heres what you do, go online and have either Photon Drops/Spheres/Crystals in your bank, the amoun of them you have determines how much you get of the other items eg 50 of them will allow you to get 50 monomates or another item. Make sure you have 1 of your desired item (Trifluid for example) in your bank and none on your person, click on the Photon drop then click withdraw 99 and when it asks fro confirmation click No then don't do anything else except scroll up to the Trifluid or whatever and click withdraw and the item will stay in your bank but check your inventory for the 50/99 or how ever many.

Happy Hunting!
Alternate ending credits
Finish all the quests and beat the game on episode 1
Dressing Room
The "Dressing room" allows you to change your characters hair style and colour and also the colour of his/her costume.

To access the "dressing room" quit & save the game with 10000 mes or more and next time you are in "charcter selection" screen the "Dressing room" option will appear!