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After years of waiting and hoping, Final Fantasy XV finally released this past Tuesday. While... posted 3 days ago

Hello Games says goodbye to a figurative sword dangling over its head today, as the... posted Nov 30, 16 12:16pm

This is not a drill. Final Fantasy XV is out. It's been a long journey for Final Fantasy fans.... posted Nov 29, 16 9:23am

Final Fantasy XV is already rolling out across the globe, and while some gamers are busy... posted Nov 28, 16 12:14pm

Ubisoft may be changing how they do DLC, but Capcom is under no such obligation. In announcing the... posted Nov 28, 16 11:39am

There's (hopefully) no mistake this time, as Hello Games looks ready to finally begin setting a... posted Nov 25, 16 10:44am

Koei Tecmo hasn't dropped the cauldron yet with Gust's Atelier JRPG series, as the publisher... posted Nov 23, 16 12:02pm

Final Fantasy XV remains on track for retail release on PS4 and Xbox One this November 29th, and... posted Nov 21, 16 2:10pm

Nov 21, 16 12:30pm
added 4 new screenshots to Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 (PS4)

2K Games wants to you to be part of an NBA shootout front and center with a new virtual reality... posted Nov 21, 16 11:52am

Marvelous confirms it has managed to sell in (ship) around 200,000 units of Fate/EXTELLA to... posted Nov 18, 16 12:07pm

Earlier this year, the industry mourned the loss of former Pokémoncreative designer Eric Medale,... posted Nov 18, 16 9:46am

Nov 18, 16 9:25am
added 20 new screenshots to Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

October has brought sweet treats for Battlefield and Gears fans, and fans of both series (as well... posted Nov 17, 16 4:05pm

What better way to whet your appetite for Final Fantasy XV than with actual food, as Square Enix... posted Nov 17, 16 12:06pm

Nov 17, 16 10:51am
added 37 new screenshots to Digimon World: Next Order (PS4)