Latest PS4 Updates

The festivities continue for the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest JRPG series in Japan, but... posted May 27, 16 11:52am

When No Man's Sky was first announced at the end of 2013, fans were immediately intrigued. As 2014... posted May 26, 16 12:24pm

Just when Star Wars fans thought they were rid of Jar Jar Binks forever, he returns. TT Games has... posted May 26, 16 12:59pm

The PlayStation brand has done Sony plenty proud since its big comeback in the form of the... posted May 26, 16 10:48am

We already know Titanfall 2 is happening. Aside from that, we don't really know much aside from... posted May 25, 16 11:51am

In just a few short hours, Psyonix will be sending out an update to Rocket League for PC and Xbox... posted May 24, 16 12:11pm

Jokes about the game's subtitle aside, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has suffered another setback in... posted May 23, 16 11:36am

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is now out in the wild for the whole world to experience Nathan Drake's... posted May 23, 16 11:07am

NIS America may have dumped Europe when it comes to Atlus games, but that doesn't mean other... posted May 21, 16 4:56pm

All good things must come to an end. Witcher fans are eagerly awaiting Blood and Wine on May 31,... posted May 20, 16 11:42am

Having come to Nintendo's Wii U in December of last year, Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been... posted May 19, 16 5:33pm

May 19, 16 5:10pm
added a cheat to Battleborn (PS4)

Aside from the Red Dead Redemption 2 rumors and Leslie Benzies's lawsuit against Take Two, there... posted May 19, 16 11:22am

The Joker's escaped Arkham again, and once again it's up to The Dark Knight to stop his twisted... posted May 18, 16 10:52am

Get ready to gather the seven Dragon Balls and get Yamcha'd, warriors of time. Bandai Namco... posted May 17, 16 11:03am

Blizzard's upcoming team-based FPS Overwatch is just under two weeks away. Fans of the game have... posted May 13, 16 10:16am

Dark Souls III was the series follow-up everyone was waiting for last month, and it would... posted May 12, 16 1:30pm

PC gamers have had a few years to enjoy the free to play version of Star Trek Online MMO, boldly... posted May 12, 16 9:34am

Following their recent quarterly financial statement, Disney has announced that the Disney... posted May 10, 16 5:59pm

The second and final DLC adventure for CD Projekt RED's award-winning action RPG The Witcher III:... posted May 10, 16 11:22am

Nathan Drake doesn't officially launch his final campaign of banditry until tomorrow, but that... posted May 09, 16 8:42am

Street Fighter V has been a steady seller for Capcom toward the end of its fiscal year, but it... posted May 09, 16 9:05am

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