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Last month, we announced Berserk Musou was coming west as BERSERK [working title]. While Japan... posted Jul 18, 16 11:28am

Jul 12, 16 7:12pm

wrote a user review for Prince of Persia (PS3)


Prince of Persia is considered by some as the fourth installment in the series. It is the first...

Jul 07, 16 2:09pm
added 5 cheats to Sleeping Dogs (PS3)

At a recent event, players were given the opportunity to try Tales of Berseria in action on the... posted Jul 06, 16 4:35pm

The last time Red Dead Redemption popped up in the headlines, there were rumors of a sequel flying... posted Jul 06, 16 10:24am

European Atlus fans can rejoice. When NIS America announced they'd terminated their publishing... posted Jul 06, 16 9:44am

Jul 05, 16 2:26am

wrote a user review for Max Payne 3 (PS3)


Max Payne is a former cop who tries to forget about his past. Following the death of his wife and...

These days, running video games for charity is actually rather common. Speedrunners, players who... posted Jun 30, 16 5:50pm

A Bioshock collection has been rumored for a while. So many places had reported the rumor that it... posted Jun 30, 16 9:24am

Bandai Namco has just released a trailer for the first round of DLC costumes for Tales of... posted Jun 29, 16 7:36pm

Jun 29, 16 2:33pm

wrote a user review for Heavy Rain (PS3)


Heavy Rain is the story of four people. First, there’s Ethan Mars, an unlucky architect. His son...

There's just something about Monopoly and video games lately that's got everyone wanting to get in... posted Jun 29, 16 9:17am

Jun 28, 16 4:57pm
added 2 new concept art to EA Sports MMA (PS3)
Jun 27, 16 12:10pm
added 7 new screenshots to EA Sports MMA (PS3)
Jun 26, 16 7:11pm

wrote a user review for Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)


I hold steadfast to the assertion that Final Fantasy XIII was an objectively terrible game. I...

Jun 24, 16 11:44pm
added a cheat to Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS3)
Jun 24, 16 11:41pm

wrote a user review for The Last of Us (PS3)


The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Infected humans, similar to zombies,...

Despite Shovel Knight's success, Yacht Club is considering setting sail for a new port. As... posted Jun 24, 16 10:25am

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise celebrates 25 years of helping it do what Nintendon't today... posted Jun 23, 16 12:03pm

Koei Tecmo snuck this announcement in at E3 last week, but just about everyone missed it in the... posted Jun 23, 16 10:19am

It's been a little over six years since Sony was sued for dropping other OS functionality from the... posted Jun 22, 16 10:14am

I know, I know. "Another Mighty No. 9 story, what caused it to be delayed this time?" That's what... posted Jun 21, 16 7:44am