18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker (PS2) Cheats

18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more 18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker cheat codes.


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Misc Tips:
Bonus trailers:
Successfully complete arcade mode with all four characters to unlock two bonus trailers in score attack mode, versus mode, and arcade mode (if the Nippon Maru is selected).

Bonus parts:
Go to arcade mode and select any truck. Get to your destination ahead of your rival , then complete the bonus parking mini-game to win bonus parts. Note: This works on any destination.

Slip stream
When you are behind a truck, your size you will get a slip stream. This will allow you to get a small boost to get in front of the truck.


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$999 by hitting bonuses:
Hit a bonus head first, then press L1 + R1 + X. You will get the maximum amount of $999. Note: This must be repeated each time.
2 Extra Parking Levels
To unlock 2 extra parking levels you have to complete the 4 standard levels to get a fifth. Complete that to get a sixth extra level.
All trucks
To obtain the extra driver, Nihonmaru, without having to beat the game with all four characters, ent the following code at the main menue:

L1, R1, L2, R2, x, up, x, down

... there should be a ding indicating you entered it correctly, then when you go to select your player you will have Nihonmaru.
Extra parking level
Beat the first 4 levels to unlock truckstop.
New Truck And Trailer
Beat Very Easy Mode With All The Truck And There Should Be A Tight Truck With Lights and 2 Trailers.Cool!
Extra Parking Levels!!
When You Beat The Last Parking Level There Will Be 2 More Tracks,Truckstop And Factory 2!
Extra truck
Beat game once in arcade mode and a Chinese cabover truck will appear in the truck selection menu.
New Japanese Truck
Beat the arcade mode on normal difficulty with all 4 truckers and you will unlock "Nippon-Maru"!
New driver
Finish arcade mode with all 4 original drivers to unlock a new character and truck.
Get Horn Power Up
Beat Lizard Tail from New York to Key West
Get Muffler Power Up
Beat Lizard Tail from St. Petersburg to Dallas
Get Engine Power Up
Beat Lizard Tail from Dallas to Las Vegas
1000 Bonus Points
On the main menu select VERSUS, pick your truck and trailer and then press "a" Select Sea Side 1 as your game level, press "a",start of and when you get to and old ruddy looking building with a big garage crash it and it will say *Special* 1000 points
GameShark Codes
[M] Must Be On

F4549022 D0E4084A
Max Money

D4003A37 9D781E0A

2404963E FFBD4BFE

D4003A37 9D781E0A

2404917E FD795B3A
(Press [R1])

Extra Time

D4003A37 9C781E02

14909434 3EB44A64
(Press [L1])

KITA Turbo

D4003A27 9D781E00

14903E7D 1EB0461C
(Press [R2] & [L3])
Lizard Tail..
Successfully complete the game with all five trucks (Asphalt Cowboy, Stream Line, Long Horn, Highway Cat, and Nippon Maru).
Nipon Maru Truck
At the title screen hold X and press START. Continue to hold X to the Mode Select.
Nippon Maru..
Hold X and press Start at the title screen. Keep X held until the mode selection screen appears. Choose any mode to drive the Nippon Maru truck. Alternately, successfully complete arcade mode with all four trucks.
Secret Character
At the title screen, press and hold the X button and start the game. Continue holding the X button until the Mode Select Screen appears. Now realease X and choose any mode; Nippon Maru will appear as a playable character.
Shifting Hint..
For Highway Cat and Stream Line, shift up when at about 50 mph
Split stream boost
You can effectively draft behind trucks your size giving your truck a slight boost in speed.