Project Entropia Cheats

Project Entropia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Killing Mobs with Water
All animals that I know of die in the water, so if your being chased by a mob, run into a body of water that is fairly deep. Run around in it until the animal dies.

Note: You can't get items that are in the water.


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Fake full clothes condition
This will make the condition bar on your clothes full no matter what the true condition (it is just a visual cheat, condition doesn't actually change)

1. put clothing item in repair terminal
2. repair for the minimal ammount (few pec)

your item's condtion bar is now at full even though the terminal value is not at full.
Immotality against robots
Here is what you do.
1. Tp to Billy's spaceship world
2. run out of town and get killed by a mob
3. revive at Billy's
4. run to robot spawing ground south of Orthos

All melee mobs will still attack, but robots will not. The robots will chase you but they wont shoot.