Project Justice review
Project Justice Roundup ( Moero! Justice Gauken)

The good:

Storyline, Graphics, Multiple Story Segments, Overall Great Game!

The bad:

Features are really towned down from Japanese to American version.


The storyline is great it has its twist and turns that keep the game exciting. There are multiple segments to each story. ( with minor exceptions )
For example playing as Taiyo H.S. in the second battle vs Seiyun H.S. If you lose 1 round to the cpu, after the battle the storyline takes a whole new different tone. I give that a 4/5
If you played the first game titled Rival Schools you would know how this game plays. Very wacky and outrageous team up techniques! If you played Marvel vs. Capcom, you will like this game aswell. It has Air-combos jus like the versus series but in 3d! It also blows away its predecesor in the graphics department. 5/5 for grachics and a 4.5/5 for gameplay.
I own the Japanese version since the american version won't be out till march. If you check out the screenshots at ign.com you will see that some features that the japanese version had are GONE! This is why I gave this game a lower score than it should have had.
The main feature that was taken off ( the rest revolve around this ) is the board game that lets you create your own custom characters. It is very entertaining you go around rolling a wheel competing against the cpu or your friends for points, powerups and other interesting features. I give it a 4/5 ( since I don't speak japanese fluently and get stuck on some words )

Overall Great game if your a capcom fan!

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