[edit] Background

While investigating a strange, buried structure on a remote island, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an invasion by the Cryzen, a ruthless alien race with fluid-metal bodies. Though you fight bravely alongside the local military, it is only when a second force, the Dorians, arrives that the tide of battle is turned. Betrayal mars any celebration, as you and the other survivors find yourselves prisoners of the Dorians and transported to their planet.

Escaping with the aid of a local priest, you become instrumental in unraveling a web of high action intrigue and further betrayal, in which it becomes increasingly difficult to tell enemies from allies. When you find that the planet you're on is actually Earth, seven hundred years in the future, you quickly discover that the Cryzen and the Dorians both threaten the very future of humanity.

To save mankind, you must travel back to the dark ages and, in a final, desperate battle, destroy the alien structure on the island.

[edit] Gameplay

Project Delta is a tactical first-person shooter in which you find yourself drawn into an epic story of men against an alien invasion force. You will feel for your men and see them grow, developing their true potential as soldiers and friends, as you command, comfort or threaten them through nerve-wrecking and spectacular battles set in future earth, alien habitats, and back to the Dark ages.

[edit] Features

  • First Person Action Adventure
  • Epic world and uniquely style worlds, spanning 3 Time periods
  • Compelling storyline written by award nominated Steve Ince
  • FPS, Tactical and Team-based gameplay
  • Sophisticated AI providing strong emotional feedback
  • See you soldiers evolve through experience
  • Next Generation Visuals and Technology
  • Symphonic Score
  • Online multiplayer

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Q4 2007 (PS3)
    • Q4 2005 (PC)
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