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The Professor Layton Series Is Still Going Strong!

The good:

~The puzzles are the most interesting and mind-bending yet, and don't repeat many concepts from prior games.
~The plot, while somewhat incomprehensible at times, is just as full of twists as prior games in the series.
~Voice acting is just as superb as always, and even more voiced dialogue has been added to the game. The score is well compressed and has some really lovely songs.
~Graphics and visuals are whimsical, well drawn and well animated, especially in the amazingly clear video clips.
~Plenty of unlockables extend the already lengthy play time somewhat, though the Hidden Door remains just as ridiculously pointless as ever.
~The minigames are fun and engaging, and provide a nice diversion from the main game.

The bad:

~A few of the characters have fairly annoying voices, though it's possible to skip through their voiced lines.
~The plot breaks from Professor Layton tradition by presenting a plot that cannot be explained logically (at least, with our current technology). Though some won't care, I found this a little disappointing.
~The plot is the darkest yet, and as in the case of Pandora's Box, may not be suitable for children.
~Some puzzles require basic knowledge in certain areas, such as mathematics and physics. This may frustrate players without the understanding to proceed.


The Professor Layton series has received much praise for its fresh approach to puzzle games as well as its whimsical, imaginative visual style, and it should come as no surprise that its third installment, The Unwound Future, lives up to that praise. However, what both pleasantly surprised and shocked me was the game's willingness to depart somewhat from the tone and almost crushing optimism of the first two games. Buckle up for the ride and bring a hanky as we delve into the future and find out just what makes this game an excellent addition to the series.

As with prior Layton games, the ...

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