Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box User Reviews


Everyone's Favorite English Gentleman Returns - And Better Than Ever!

The good:

~The game runs flawlessly, with no Touch Screen glitches or inaccuracies as can happen with some DS games.
~The puzzles are thought-provoking, fun, and just as varied as they were in the previous game.
~The story line, while a bit more far-fetched than Curious Village's, is well-told nonetheless and actually has a bit more depth to it.
~The graphics are charming, well-drawn and add to the overall whimsical "storybook" style of the game.
~There are more areas to explore than there were in Curious Village, and more people to meet.
~The video scenes and voice acting have been improved and expanded, which add to the wow-factor of the game.

The bad:

~The graphics may turn off some people who will dismiss it as childish. Don't be fooled, however - the puzzles are far too difficult for most children to enjoy.
~The game often gives you no idea where to go or what to do next, which can be frustrating.
~Some aspects of the story may not be appropriate for young children to experience.


After Professor Layton and the Curious Village came out, people developed a certain peculiar taste for puzzle games starring English gentlemen with tall top hats. There was no mystery to this, however - Curious Village was easily one of the best-received games to grace the DS that year. However, when word came that a sequel was being developed, it was asked many times: could the developers strike gold twice? Not to worry, Layton fans - the new installment not only works as well as its predecessor did, it actually improves upon some elements of the game and packs a punch that'll surely be...

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