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P.N. 03 review
Shoot-em-up+DDR=PN 03

The good:

Excellent graphics & music. Cool gymnastics & dance moves. Customizable suits.

The bad:

Learning curve for controls is a little steep at first. High difficulty level starting out. Game's rather short.


This is a rather unique title among shooters. The main character, Vanessa Schneider, has been hired by a mystery man to infiltrate the facility of a group that killed her parents. She's armed with a hi-tech Aegis Suit & some sweet dancing moves.
I don't know what's more fun about this game-playing & making Vanessa get her groove on blasting robots, or sitting back & watching this poetry in motion? There's even a DDR-style combo counter that can help you rack up big points for speed & accuracy. Only things I really don't like are there's no built-in level map, so you'll find yourself going in circles quite a bit in areas.
Also, it's a very short title-unless you're obsessed with playing the bonus missions and unlocking everything, you'll be through with this game in about 5 hours.
As far as these shooters go, this title has enough going for it to separate itself from the rest of the field-not to mention the dancing moves add to the fun. Add this to your library if you don't have a shooter...and if you do, then at least rent this title so you can get your groove thing on! And play while listening to "Shake Your Booty" for more fun!

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