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P.N. 03 review
Mmmmm Vanessa...

The good:

Good old fashion cover fire, smooth control scheme, simplistic fun!

The bad:

Not much really!


When I first heard of this game, I new I had to try it out, and now thatI have I must say that I'm better for it. I'm not much of an old school player, but this game is bare bones old style game play. Truthfully speaking, I can't think of a game that you can fire, and then take cover interchangeably. I love this style of gameplay...just like an old western. The controls make this adventure that much more enjoyable, using the shoulder triggers to strave left or right, and further enhancing her moves by adding a duck to a roll move, and or jumping. Vanessa is also a treat to watch, as she cooly taps and moves to the constant beat of accomanying tunes, her moves are graceful, and threatning at the same time. Stripped down, this game is all out fun, simply find the target and fire as quickly as possible, yet with the addition of Vanessa's cool look and moves, and the use of terrain as cover, this game has a touch of strategy added to it, well at least for me it does. Graphically, P.N.03 is no Splinter Cell, but it's pleasing enough so that the gameplay is unaffected. In fact you really never notice the surroundings. I feel this is a pleasant surprise from Capcom, and I for one would like to see it visit the other two platforms.

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