P.N. 03 Cheats

P.N. 03 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Alternate Endings
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alternate Ending (Good)Complete the game on normal or hard mode. This will unlock a new conversation between Vanessa and The Client.
Alternate Ending II (Awesome)Complete the game on any difficulty while utilising the Papillon Suit. This will unlock a scene of Vanessa being caught in the shower and finding out the identity of The Client.
Alternate Menus
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alternate MenuUnlock the BlackBird Suit.
Alternate Menu IIUnlock the Papillon Suit
New Difficulty Setting
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hard ModeComplete the game on easy or normal mode and load clear data to unlock hard difficulty.
Unlocking Suits
UnlockableHow to unlock
Papillon Suit (G-String)First you need to unlock the BlackBird Suit. Complete a new game on normal difficulty and earn a professional rank on all fifty of the trials, including in your overall rank.
Complete Upgrades For All SuitsUnlock the BlackBird Suit.


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Gaining Money
You don't really get alot of money when you play the game through just the main stages. If you find a suit or some items that you really want to have, you should go to the training levels. You won't get alot in the beginning training levels, but when you get to level 4 in the training levels, the money will start rolling in. The thing is, you have to play it over and over to keep increasing how much you earn, and perform well, but if you do, you won't run short on money.
Unlock the Blackbird Suit
To unlock the Blackbird Suit, just beat the game on Normal or Easy.


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Unlock Extra Trial Levels
To unlock extra levels for Trial Missions, finish each Trial Level with a rating of "Professional". To do this, complete at least 13 of 15 rooms, destroy all enemies, complete the level with a fast time, and get as many "No Damage Clears" as possible (usually 6+). You can unlock up to 5 levels total per Trial-completing Level 5 awards 20,000 points.
Unlock Papillon Suit
Beat the game twice with the same same save file. Doing so will unlock the Papillon Suit.