[edit] Background

A planetary colonial settlement turns into a killing field after CAMS (Computer Arms Management System) goes haywire. Vanessa Z. Schnieder hires herself as a freelance mercenary tasked with blasting the technological terrors into scrap metal using her destructive laser gun.

[edit] Gameplay

Set within futuristic sci-fi environments, players clash with complex enemy robots and mechs in a mercenary operation to rid a colonial planet of a menace that has turned the region into a killing field. Take control of Vanessa Z. Schneider and lead her though a series of intense missions to disarm the formidable threat, causing mech carnage as she pursues the truth utilizing nothing but her laser wielding hands.

[edit] Features

  • Futuristic sci-fi environments: Maneuver Vanessa through 11 different environments that range from the barren wasteland to the sleek metallic compounds of the desolate colony.
  • Fast action gameplay: Vanessa moves with quick finesse and strikes with fierce vengeance as she unleashes powerful attacks and combos through choreographed acrobatic moves while under a constant barrage of fire.
  • Two methods of attack: Taking a nontraditional approach to reeking havoc and obliterating enemies, Vanessa will utilize the laser beam that resides in her hands.
  • Upgradeable suits: Collect points throughout the game and purchase upgrades to Vanessa's arsenal, obtain special attacks and up to nine different suits that grant her different abilities

This game is also known as Product Number 03 in North America.

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Jul 23, 12 9:32pm
a futuristic shooter. all your attacks look like dance moves! PN03
Oct 25, 04 5:57am

P.N. 03

First of all...: P.N. 03 is a mixed package and a very misunderstood one. ...

Mar 20, 04 9:39am

It's a good fun game, but I would like it better if they actually showed the events...

golden knight
Dec 30, 03 2:38pm

This is one of thee worst game ever made,I'd rather play pong all day than play...

Dec 29, 03 4:48am

This is a rather unique title among shooters. The main character, Vanessa Schneider,...

Sep 18, 03 11:10am

When I first heard of this game, I new I had to try it out, and now thatI have I must...

Sep 10, 03 6:39pm

Correction. THIS IS THE BEST GAME KNOWN TO MAN. It's action is jaw-dropping, the...

Jun 18, 03 3:29pm
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Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 9, 2003
  • Japan: Mar 27, 2003
  • Europe: Aug 29, 2003
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