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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX


Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX was made by the creators of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, and is in many ways just a third addition in the series. The graphics are a dead on match, as well as the whole game engine. If you are a fan of THPS 1 and 2 then you will probably like this game very much, but it pales in comparison to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. You should at least give Mat Hoffman a chance, because after all, it is still a different game.

If you are familiar to the graphics in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, then you will recognize these as soon as you play. Your riders are very well made, and are very well done. The course designs are smooth, but often times you will begin to see choppy polygons in around the edges of the screen and in the background. Defiantly a well made game, visually.

Looking for a game with great music? Well do not get this game! Personally, there is only one band on the soundtrack that I like (Static-X) but the song on there is my least favorite song of theirs. Other people that I have talked to have not liked the music as well, so it isn't just me. It seems like it was thrown together with no real thought put into the game. When it comes to sound, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is average at best.

Based on the control system of THPS 2 this game is very easy to control. Many people think that it is really hard to fall down, but when you start to play, you realize that it is just making the game more realistic. When you think about it it will make sense, on a skate board there is a wider base making it easier to land, but on the bike there is a very small base, so it should make sense. I think that this aspect makes the game play better than THPS.

Unlike THPS Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX really does not have very much re-play value. I think that this is because there are no special grinds in the game making high scores much harder, and scoring high is what MHPBMX is about. The goal system is the same as THPS 1, five goals a level. I personally like this format better than the ten or so on THPS 2, just because the ten takes much more time.

One thing that I think is done well on this game is the multiplayer mode. Having more than one person be able to play at one time is a great feature to have in a sports game. It can either be done very well, or be a great downfall on a game. MHPBMX is one of the game where it helps you out.

When you start to get into the game you will be able to beat the game within a half of an hour with one character. So it really does not present to much of a challenge. If you get into the high scores, then you might start having some challenge in finding the lines, but it still is not too hard to do. All around this is not a challenging game.

If you were stuck on weather or not to buy or rent this game, I would recommend renting it first, because this is a game where you either like it or you don't. Over all this game was very well made in most categories, and is fun once you get past that I suck at this game stage, and start to get into the game.

Overall: 9/10

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