Pro Wrestling review
This certainly isn't WWE material

The good:

Rather colorful characters, each with their own unique moves and costumes.

The bad:

Just about everything else.


Another of the first NES titles released, this title offered it's own simple version of Professional Wrestling to keep fans busy when it wasn't on TV. You could pick from a variety of colorful characters and try to slam your opponents into oblivion and move up throughout the ranks.
Although NES graphics & sounds back in this game's days weren't the best, this game has rather poor graphics & sound. Characters really lack detail, there's not much fluidity in the graphics, and the sounds are really unspectacular, with nothing that really stands out or is unique to the game. The controls are a workout in itself-there are some good moves for each character, if you can ever pull them off. Also, trying to pin an opponent for the win, something that should be very simple, is a trial in itself. The CPU AI is too high as well-it tends to really go all out and get some very cheap wins at your expense.
The only thing going for this title is that the characters with their own unique gimmicks & outfits do lend a bit of authenticity to the game, as they borrow somewhat from various professional wrestling personalities. Other than that, this game is just bad. Get another game if you can find one or just stick to watching the real thing on TV, but don't invest in this poor effort.

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