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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 PC "Pefect Character Creation" Guide

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How To Create The Perfect Character (Note: This is a FAQ for "Created Skaters" only)

Table Of Contents.
Why create a character.
Color Matching.
Clothes Mathing.
Things to edit for your character.

Why create a character
The main reasons to create a character is because you can put a version of you in the game, or someone you know.Another reason is you can edit lots of details on a created character.For example you can edit, tattoos, hats, skin color, shirts and pants and much much more.The fun about creating a character from scratch is that the character is your model, and you are God.You decide if he's a light\heavy weight.If he's just a kid, or a soon to be grandpa and you also get to choose your characters name and town.

The biggest advantages of creating a character is that you get to edit stats from scratch.So your most need stats can be maxed right from the start insted of having a character to choose from that doesnt suit your needs.If you need an air lover then you should max out, air, hang time, ollie, speed and spin.If you want a street boy then you're gonna want to max out manuals, lip ballance, rail ballance, swith and landing.And if you want an all around G then you should ballance out your stats, for instance giving him equil rail ballance, and hangtime.

Here is a chart of what you are givin when you choose the following specialty.Which ever one suits your needs best, is the one that you should probebly stick with.I use "Street" all the time, but that's just one oppionin.

Attribute          Vert          Street          All Around
Air        	   4		 7		 5
Hangtime           2		 5		 4
Ollie              6             4		 5
Speed              6		 7		 5
Spin	           3		 5		 4
Landing	           5		 3		 4
Switch	           5 		 4		 4
Rail Ballance	   6		 3		 5
Lip Ballance	   2		 4		 4
Manual	           6		 3		 5

Color Matching
Here are what basic colors go good together.There are many other colors but they are just differant shades of the colors below
White    Black, Blue, 
Black    White, Red, Orange
Green    Red, Blue
Blue     Black, Wite, Yellow, Green, Orange
Yellow   White, Black, Blue, Orange
Red      White, Green, Black
Orange   Yellow, Black, Blue

There are a number of decks for you to use.You can use custom skater decks or decks that you have unlocked with other skaters.The only decks that cannot be used by anyother skater then the skater who owns the deck is Spiderman.He tricks and boards are not availiable for some reason.

Here are the decks, how much they cost and there stats.These are only the custome skaters decks
Deck				Stats				Cost		
A Team A5                  	5,2,4,3				Free
B Logo				5,2,5,3				Free
Degrees				5,3,0,3				Free
Stencil Logo			5,3,1,3				Free
Multi Start			5,3,2,3				Free
Jumbo Girl Logo			5,3,3,3				Free
Powell Logo			5,3,4,3				Free
Team Medium			5,3,5,3				Free
Transmissionator 2000      	5,4,0,3				Free
Zero Team			5,4,1,3				Free
A Team				5,4,2,3				250
17/21 Lanvers			5,4,3,3				500	
Birdhouse Team Seal		5,4,4,3				1000
Team Silhouette			5,4,5,3				2000
Flip New Wave			5,5,0,3				4000
Race				5,5,1,3				8000
Powell Logo 2			5,5,2,3				16000
Medium Shortys			5,5,3,3				32000
Bloody Nose			5,5,4,3				64000
Monster				5,5,5,3				128000

Things to edit for your character
Name            Name your skater
Hometown        Choose a town that your skater oridinated from 
Age             Choose between 5 and 55
Style		Choose between Vert, Street and All Around
Stance          Are you "Goofy" like Tony Hawk or "Regular" like Bucky Lasek
Weight          Heavyweight, or Lightweight.Dont lie about it.
Complexion      Black, white, or olive.You choose
Head            Spikey hair, or no hair.A helmet to be safe, or a shower cap to be stupid
Cap Color       If you chose a hat.Color it here
Torso           Choose a shirt color, or no shirt and pads.Or no shirt and nothing
Tatto/Logo	Get a tattoo done or just style up your shirt
Legs		Pants or shorts.You decide
Pants Color	Color your pants or shorts here
Shins		If your wearing shorts then pick out your socks.Or don't by not whering any.
Shoes		Pick your shoe color.Either white, black, red or mixed.You decide

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