Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tips


Tony Hawk
The 900-Right, Down, C.
Sacktap-Up, Down, C.
Christ Air-Left, Right, C.
Varial-Right, Left, C.
Ollie north-Up, Up, B.
360 flip-Down, Down, B.
Layback Grind-Left, Right, V.

Bob Burnquist
FS Rocket Air Tailslide-Up, Down, V.
FS One Footed Smith-Right, Down, V.
Racket Air-Left, Down, C

Chad Muska
Backflip-Up, Down, C.
Sal flip-Up, Down, B.
540 flip-Down, Up, B.
360 shuvit-Up, Up, B.
360 flip-Down, Down, B.
Hurricane-Left, Right, V.
Nose Manual-Right, Up, V on the ground.

Geoff Rowley
Rowley Darkslide-Left, Right, V.
Double Hardflip-Right, Down, B.
Half Flip Casper-Right, Left, B.

Rodney Mullen
Triple Kickflip-Left, Right, B.
540 Flip-Down, Up, B.
Darkslide -Left, Right, V.

Kareem Campbells Moves
Ghetto Bird-Down, Up, B.
Nosegrind to Pivot-Down, Up, B.
Casper-Left, Down, C.

Elissa Streamer
Madonna Tailslide-Up, Left, V.
Hospital Flip-Left, Right, B.
Indy Frontflip-Down, Up, C.

Jamie Thomas
Laser-Flip Down, Right, B.
Secret Move-Down, Up, V.

Spider Man
Spidey Flip-Up, Down, C.
Spidey Grind-Left, Right, V.
What Spidey Can Do-Left, Right, B.