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This game is one of the few racing games with any plot whatsoever. Overall this game is HARD, which is why they make you pay for the cheats, but anyway....

Graphics: This games in-game car graphics are stunning. The Character models, however, seem to resemble close up shots of Hunter: The Reckoning.

Sound: For once in gaming history, cars make different sounds! The Mini-Cooper does not sound like the Viper!

Controls: Here I will have to admit is the games downfall. The cars are way too responsive to be cars, which is what the SIM code is for.

Cars: Here is the games strongpoint. more than 30 cars, each for a different class. Mercedes, Koeings, F-1s, Fords, every single car you could imagine, even Eagle! The cars are even customizable for each type of track you encounter, and when you go to change things on the car, your crew cheif will gove you some tips on how to customize your car.

Interface: Here is another strongpoint in the game, the menu is actually you, Ryan McKane, in his office. Go through the door for the Time Trial, Multiplayer, and Free Race, even a TV to watch movies on. To acces your career you log onto the computer, check your mail for job offerings, and race away.

Tracks: Over 30 tracks, including 3 NASCAR-like tracks.

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