Pro Evolution Soccer Management review
A Good Starter, Room for Improvement Though

The good:

  • Massive list of training aspects.
  • Link up with PES5.
  • Good, in-game match mode.
  • Season Mode is a great fun.
  • Plenty of things to keep you going through the season.
  • Plenty of Unlockables

    The bad:

  • A lot of the teams are unlicensed.
  • Only 6 European Leagues to choose from.
  • Unrealistic Transfer Fees.
  • Too Many Glitchs.


    Konami have entered the management scene and for a first game in this genre it's not a bad start. When you first load up the game you can tell you've not wasted you're money and the menu screens are good. The Season Mode is great and there are plenty of things to do when you start off. The tutorials from your agent, assistant and scouts are good. You can pick up the general feel to the game quite quickly because of these tutorials and the lay-out isn't too tricky to navigate around. Games are good to watch and the graphics have come straight out of PES5. There are plenty of options to choose from which can affect the result of a match and the position you reach in the season. There are also plenty of unlockables for you to obtain during the course of the season. Season mode aside you can now link up to PES5 to transfer all the data you have on there to PESM and this saves time editing team names etc.

    The only problem is there are only 6 leagues to choose from, all in Europe and there isn't a massive range of players to choose from. With this and the fact only 3 of these leagues are fully licensed, there is a lot of things that Konami could improve upon. They should check for glitches as well. After having the game for less than a week I've found at least three glitches already, ranging from shirts that have body parts sticking out and problems with the time (Referee blows for full time when the ball goes out for a throw-in despite only 56 minutes of the game played). Also a minor problem in Season Mode is that a lot of the transfer fees for players is extremely high and unrealistic. You can find yourself having to pay £20 million for a player like Nolberto Solano.

    Overall though, I'd say this game is a great starting block for Konami in the management sim. category and if they carry on improving they could take-over this genre as much as they have done in the football genre. I'd recommend this game for any PES fans out there.

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